Desmond Elliot condemns looting, aftermath of #EndSARS protest (VIDEO)

Desmond Elliot condemns looting, aftermath of #EndSARS protest (VIDEO)

Nollywood actor cum politician, Desmond Elliot has stated that Nigerian youths are degenerates following the pandemonium that occurred across the country amid the #EndSARS protest.


According to the former thespian, the social media regulation needs to be established because the internet has made ‘youths’ lose their culture and respect for hierarchy. Delivering his speech, Desmond Elliot dubbed Nigerian youths, ‘Children’.


In the video that recently surfaced following the chaos, Desmond Elliot was seen advocating for the social media regulation bill to be passed.


It shows him calling on the speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly to “address certain things” like “the Nigerian youth; the social media, as well as the social influencers.”


He added:

All of these are making the narratives that we are seeing today. Except we’re joking with ourselves. Social media, though good, has its negative impacts.”



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He likewise expressed concerns about the way Nigerian youths curse on social media.


The former actor turned politician also said: “When I went through the comment, I could not believe it Mr Speaker. The curses, the abuses from children. And I certainly ask myself ‘Is this Nigeria? What is going on?’ Children cursing?


He continued: “Mr Speaker, in the next five years; Nigerian is gone if we don’t start now.”


Watch the video below.


Desmond Elliot’s speech is surfacing on social media several days after he was called out by social media influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo.


At the time, Dr Funmilayo stated that the Lagos State House of Assembly; “is developing a bill to regulate; and control speech on social media;” as well as that Desmond Elliot “is said to be one of those pushing it”.


Read the altercation between Desmond as well as Dr Funmilayo here.





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