Desperate HWA: 50 Shades of Hibiscus Pink by Joy Ehonwa

Desperate HWA: 50 Shades of Hibiscus Pink by Joy Ehonwa

Betrayal was the theme this week on Desperate HWA.

King Solomon once said, “Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful husband who can find?” Well, I can tell you that faithful husbands abound out there, but sadly, Kayode de Souza is not one of them. What a way to open the episode!

I remember a few weeks ago when Ese asked him, “We haven’t made love in 3 months, how can you stand it?” You know how they say if your man isn’t getting it from you, he’s getting it from someone else? I desperately wanted that to be false in this case. Poor Ese. People can really let you down though; of all the women to cheat with, that abrasive Faith Radcliffe? Oh, for shame! It reminds me of when James whats-his-name cheated on his wife, Sandra Bullock, with that other thing. Kay isn’t in love with his mistress, he’s just into role playing and she gives him that. Kay with that his face like “no oh!” Mschew.Desperate Housewives Africa


Then he had to go and have a heart attack in his mistress’ house! Ese finds out who took him to the hospital and confronts Faith, who doesn’t bother denying anything. She does let Ese know that her husband has “specific needs” and she’s only been helping with those, and that Kay still loves Ese. Of course that was no consolation. She went to Kay’s bedside at the hospital and told her husband who was just recovering from surgery, that she was divorcing him and would make his life more unbearable than he had made hers. They didn’t make this character an Edo girl for nothing; Edo girls don’t play!

At least Larry has eyes for only Tari, which is no small comfort. Unknown to Tari, Aisha has been hiding Akin in her room upstairs. Of course she gets caught after a little fiasco where Akin sees Tari in her lingerie making out with Larry (no episode is complete without something awful happening to my Tari!), and Larry has to take Akin back to his dad. Aisha is proper mad at her mum; she swore her mum was cool, not like other mums, only for Tari to ‘fall her hand’ and send Akin back to Deji. My favourite line? “Just because people become parents doesn’t mean they’re good at it.” Ouch.

Can human beings really be satisfied? Funke has been trying to get a nanny, and now that she has an excellent one, she’s worried about the girl doing her job too well. She actually puts the hidden camera Ese lent her in the house just to be sure her kids are okay, only to find out that they’re way more than okay; they’ve taken to Orode like ants to sugar. Wanting to make sure she still had them, she gave Orode the day off so she could play with her precious children. They spent the whole time missing Orode. Not a good sign, so she sets Orode up, and the kids reveal their true colours.

So Kay betrayed Ese’s trust, Tari betrayed Aisha’s trust, and Funke betrayed Orode’s trust, but we’re yet to see what Kiki does with Chuka’s. So far, she has played the good wife. After packing everything of value from their house and sending them to her mother’s house in the village to avoid losing them to the authorities, she went to visit her husband. I was pleasantly surprised when she said all she wanted was for him to come home, touched when they hugged passionately, moved when he told her in a rare display of emotion, “I’m proud of you,” inspired when he confided in her where his passport was- the passport his lawyer needed to get him out on bail. He asked her to give it to his lawyer, and burn the other papers she finds in the safe.

Trust is a fragile thing. Will this adulterous wife prove worthy of it after all?

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