Desperate HWA: Burning Secrets by Joy Ehonwa

Desperate HWA: Burning Secrets by Joy Ehonwa

The police have discovered Mrs. Benson’s body, and of course the news travels fast. A crowd gathers outside her house to show support, and the weird sister proceeds to give them the misery she believes they came for, describing the details of her sister’s violent death, the bruises and broken bones, and how the police think she was buried alive. She then announces that there will be no memorial service, but donations for the funeral are welcome. Her audience was mortified! Luckily, she is determined to go through Mrs. Benson’s journal where she wrote down every mundane detail of her life- and everyone else’s. I sure hope this means Deji’s attempt to frame Larry will fail!

Unfortunately, this also means the truth about Rhetta’s house will be exposed; I had totally forgotten about this! Trust Tari to worry herself sick. She eventually decided to go to Rhetta and come clean. It was not a pretty sight. Luckily Rhetta, not wanting to risk losing her insurance money, agrees to keep their secret, on the condition that she gets invited to the wives’ weekly card games. Tari has no choice but to acquiesce. Rhetta then proceeds to hose Tari down in front of her house. “Think about it as washing away your guilt.” Chai. Tari has suffered.

Things are not going too great for her beau either; the mysterious old man who hired Larry to investigate the residents of Hibiscus Lane has fired him and taken back the money he paid. When Larry goes to his home to confront him, we finally learn what the deal is: He was hired by the old man to find out what happened to his daughter Gina, whom Larry once loved long before he pulled himself from the gutter and found himself a new life and a safe wife. The poor old man has a cancerous tumour pressing on his brain and he wants to know what happened to his daughter before he dies. Could she be the adult woman chopped to pieces in Deji’s old box? If it turns out someone hurt her, her father wants that person dead. He’s sure Larry can do it, after all, he has killed for her once already, the old man says. Wow, Larry. Wow.

Desperate Housewives Africa

Chuka finally comes home on bail, only to realize he’s on house arrest. Bad, bad news for Kiki, whose main motive for producing Chuka’s passport was income. Sadly for her, he won’t be earning any, so Kiki has to keep running after those small commercial shoots she hates so much. Chuka grows despondent, predicting that he will spend time in jail, and Kiki won’t be there when he returns home, though he can’t blame her. Yes sir, you got that right! We can’t see Kiki keeping up this hand to mouth lifestyle for any length of time. She quiets his fears and swears never to leave him. Hahaha. We’ll see. In the meantime, fuelled by his desire to give his mother a grandchild, he secretly tampers with her birth control pills. This cannot end well.

Funke is back to her “normal” life trying to run a home and manage four kids without help. Her exercise class is the only thing that keeps her sane, but she’s never there early enough to get spaces for her kids in the children’s playroom. She is forced to start bribing the receptionist with cupcakes, until she gets caught. She can never show face there again.

Turns out we got excited about Ese’s handsome new bobo too soon! Lekan keeps thrilling her with expensive gifts- the latest of which is a dane gun from centuries past. An unusual gift for an unusual woman, I’ll say! She’s very pleased with the antique and it’s obvious he’s fallen hard for her. Unfortunately, Ese doesn’t feel the same way. They’re admiring the gun together when he leans in to kiss her. She pulls away, and he accidentally shoots himself in the foot. Literally. Even while lying on the hospital bed with a bandage around his foot, all he can think of is the fact that she pulled away from his kiss. As it dawns on him that Ese can never love him, his unpleasant side comes to light. I know I said last week that Blossom is bae, and he still is. Sadly, his character is a creep. The last thing we see is a clearly obsessed Lekan eating eba while viewing several pictures of Ese (whom he has obviously been stalking!) on his laptop.

Psychopath alert!


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