Desperate HWA: It’s Shockers galore – Joy Ehonwa

Desperate HWA: It’s Shockers galore – Joy Ehonwa

Everyone got a shocker this week! First, Ese found a condom in the laundry basket and, after accusing Kay, was traumatized when he told her that it was Leo’s. These teenagers will not kill somebody, first marijuana and now this. The regular mother would look on the bright side – at least he’s using protection – but Ese is not your regular mother, regular wife, or regular anything. She actually wanted to confiscate the condoms, to avoid giving him the impression that his parents are condoning premarital sex. Now can you imagine how mortified Ese was to realize the truth that the condom was not Leo’s but actually Katherine’s? Shocker number one! Katherine confessed she was planning to offer Tai her virginity, and for a moment I thought Ese was going to faint. Well, she didn’t. Katherine tells her she’s not the best person to give advice on sex and happiness, so she sends for Tai and asks him, for the sake of the relationship between both families, not to accept Katherine’s virginity. In fact she tells him not to let Katherine down gently. “Be brutal.” Ese! Kai!!

As if Kiki doesn’t already have enough on her plate, Ayo, the guy Tai was with at the mall the day his mum overheard him, came to offer her his services. Yep, he actually thought he could sleep with her, offering to “keep her fabulous body in shape” and do whatever else Tai was doing for her. Kiki could not believe her ears; shocker number two! She threw him off the premises, and I couldn’t even feel sorry for her. Na house wey fall naim say make goat climb im roof, abi? The boy doesn’t give up; he simply gets Chuka to accept his free services on behalf of his wife, and then tries to blackmail Kiki! Shocker number three! When she calls Tai to report Ayo, the boy finally opens up to her about the reason he needed to sleep with her so badly: he needs to lose his virginity. She softens, and sends him away with tips for whenever the right time comes for him. I actually went “awwww” at “be gentle and considerate”. Kiki goes back home and convinces Chuka that they need to sell their house, and that she’s willing to start over with him in a smaller apartment because, they may be broke right now, but they will never be poor. It was nice to see this side of Kiki.

Desperate Housewives Africa

After a little deliberation, the wives agreed to call the police about Mrs Benson’s jewelry. Poor Tari, she was so torn! Larry was arrested, but luckily, it turns out she is Larry’s alibi. She tells the police the truth: the night Mrs Benson was killed was the first night she and Larry had sex, and he was with her all night. Aisha corroborates her story (that girl is growing up too fast!) confirming that she found Larry’s boxers under her mum’s bed the morning after so she knows they “did it”. That, plus her mum sang “No One Like You” the morning after while she made breakfast. Hahaha, I bet Deji wasn’t counting on Larry being so occupied that night! As soon as Larry is released he gets to work trying to clear his name, and Gina’s father promises to help him- which he actually does. Before Chief makes the necessary calls though, the police return to Tari’s house, and she finds out about Larry’s past: seven years in jail for drug trafficking and manslaughter. Shocker number four.

Akin is throwing a party, and even snuck into the Gambadia house to invite Aisha personally, saying she’s the reason he’s throwing it. Even the De Souza kids are going, but Tari already refused to let Aisha go. The girl sneaks off anyway, and when Tai breaks up with Katherine per her mother’s instructions, it is Aisha who takes her home to comfort her. Not before Akin freaks her out by threatening to snap Leo’s neck for mocking him. That boy is very disturbed.

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Shina got passed up for a promotion at work, and at first I thought it was Funke’s telling him he wasn’t assertive enough that would cause problems. Boy was I wrong! When the guy who was promoted had a heart attack on the basketball court, Shina did just what his wife told him to do. He stepped up, asserted himself, and got the promotion! So now his workload will quadruple and he’ll be travelling around West Africa. Funke freaked out, of course. If she had known she wouldn’t have encouraged him to go for it! Now how is she going to handle four kids alone? When she visits his office, Shina’s boss asks her if she’s happy with Shina’s promotion. She says that she is, but also artfully lets on that their marriage and family will pay a high price for it. And just like that, Shina loses his new position.

When he finds out his beloved wife’s role – if he ever does – that will probably be the biggest shocker of all.


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