Desperate HWA: Valentine Palaver – Joy Ehonwa

Desperate HWA: Valentine Palaver – Joy Ehonwa

Tari is such a trip, shocked by the fact that Larry wants children of his own. So, she took a good look at a handsome, virile African man like Larry Izama and it never occurred to her that maybe, just maybe, he would want to sire his own children one day, and bless our world with more of that hotness? What a joke. He assures her he wants to be with her sha, kids or no kids. “It’s you I want, Tari.” Oooooh, Larry never fails to make me melt!


Desperate Housewives Africa

Okay, so who believed her when she said she wouldn’t breathe a word of what Deji told her to anyone? I nearly burst out laughing when she told the other wives at their weekly hangout. Of course Deji knew Tari would do exactly this and that’s why he fed her that story. Now the wives think this is the secret Rume was trying to protect, and are overwhelmed with compassion. Deji’s got the whole of Hibiscus Lane fooled…almost.

The wind that is Agnes Bassey has filled Hibiscus Lane with an unpleasant odour recently, but when she recognizes Rume in a picture while returning a package to Deji’s house, and calls her Lillian– the same name Rume called herself by in the file Ese stole from Father Ajayi’s office – it finally blows some good. She says she knew “Lillian Bello” in Jos and they worked together about 15 years ago. Hmm, how old is Akin again? Deji says his wife has never been to Jos, but we can’t believe anything Deji says, really. Agnes goes home and confirms from an old photo that Rume and her former colleague, Lillian, are one and the same.

Speaking of Father Ajayi, Ese admits to him that she wants to forgive Kay’s infidelity, but can’t seem to shake the feeling that he’s hiding something from her; the reason he cheated. Of course Father Ajayi refuses to betray Kay’s confidence, and urges her to ask Kay herself. When she finally gets Kay to tell her, we’re not surprised he kept it to himself all this time. Dude knows his wife. “Were you abused as a child?” she asks. This marriage thing is hard. To her credit, she actually agrees to make a sex tape with him on Valentine’s night, and cringes when she tries to watch it later. Poor Ese!

Meanwhile the bills are mounting over at the Obi house, and Kiki has been fired off yet another set. It’s so bad, her housemaid Inya has the nerve to sass her and doesn’t even care when she gets fired for her unbelievable rudeness. After losing several jobs, Kiki decides to get a feel good makeover and ends up being unable to pay. How does someone who is broke go for a makeover? And that without even finding out the price first! I have no idea why the writers didn’t take out this bit. It was beyond fake, and irritating to watch. She is eventually allowed to work for the spa as a beautician for a month in order to pay off her debt.

Things get messy at the Lawals’. While Shina forgets all about Valentine’s Day, Funke’s kids steal a flowerpot from her sworn enemy, Mrs. Okorie (Duro Onabolu), and present it to their mother as a Valentine’s gift, much to her delight. I felt so sorry for her when the old woman showed up and took her pot back. The kids write an apology letter to Mrs. Okorie, but when her wall clock goes missing (she later says her “painting”, obviously a gaffe!), she shows up again accusing the boys, and gives Funke the length of her caustic tongue. It’s obvious there’s no love lost between those two. Unfortunately for Funke, she later finds the clock in her children’s room. She takes them, and the clock, to Mrs. Okorie, and leaves them alone. It turns out the old woman isn’t evil at all, and she tells the boys no one will ever love them like their mother. Awwww.

Larry is not doing so great. He was at some estate, going door to door trying to find answers to Gina’s disappearance, when a security guard caught him searching an empty house, and shot him in the stomach. Luckily the bullet didn’t hit anything major, and he gets stitched by an old acquaintance who tells him he’s met someone recognized Gina’s picture. Instead of allowing his wound to heal for a few days, he takes Tari on the Valentine date he planned, and ends up collapsing. The doctor and nurse at the hospital are understandably suspicious of the wound which had been previously stitched by someone Larry claims not to remember, and they call police. To make things worse, Funke’s boys steal the evidence Deji planted in Larry’s car earlier, and when Funke shows them to Tari – the bloodstained bracelet and ring with Esther Benson’s initials – she can’t help wondering who this thief of her heart really is.

We know Larry didn’t kill Esther Benson, but who is he, really?

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