DesperateHWA: Betrayal is stinking out Hibiscus Lane

DesperateHWA: Betrayal is stinking out Hibiscus Lane

Our people say only a mother knows who the father of her child is, but sadly, some mothers don’t know.

The stench of betrayal permeates Hibiscus Lane once again, and everyone is getting really desperate.

Now that Rhetta and Tari are officially enemies, she had no qualms telling Deji the truth when he asked her why she was really in his apartment that night. Deji threatened to report Rhetta to the police and she just opened her mouth and sang. Luckily she was kind enough to mention it to Larry, who goes straight to warn Tari. Phew, At least we know someone is looking out for Tari. Gosh, I miss Tari and Larry badly. They should get back together already!

Akin is as desperate to remain on Hibiscus Lane withhis beloved Aisha, as his father Deji is to be far away from the nosey Tari. Aisha wants nothing to do with him (even more so after he almost blinded her mother with a stone he was throwing at her window) but the boy doesn’t care. Not even when his father tells him he could be arrested, leaving Akin without a parent.

Desperate Housewives Africa

“If Aisha doesn’t want me around anymore, then it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.” Young love sha! Deji has no option than to approach Tari and confront her over snooping in his house, then sell her some story about Rume changing her name from Lillian because she was undergoing an “African awakening”. Tari is the most naïve woman on Hibiscus Lane but even she didn’t believe that! Even if she had, when a fire breaks out in her kitchen, she has a feeling Deji had something to do with it. Akin has a collage of Aisha’s pictures in his room though. What a creepy young man!

Speaking of creepy men, guess who made a comeback this week? Lekan Phillips, the pharmacist! Just when we thought he was finally over Ese, he shows up, and it’s obvious he and Kay can’t stand each other. When Kay shoves Lekan’s face into a cake at the Obis’ party, Ese decides to make it up to him with a secret platonic friendship Kay doesn’t have to know about. We have more important things to worry about though, like Kay’s medication still not working even after the doctor doubled his dose. Ahem!

7 years ago, Shina Lawal was dating a certain Amarachi, and she was desperate to marry him but he was full of excuses. Then one day he met a confident young executive by the name of Funke Adewale, and suddenly all his excuses were flushed down the drain. Why am I telling you this? Amarachi, who relocated to Abuja when she got dumped for Funke, is back! The problem is, she’s been back in Lagos AND working in Shina’s office for 3 whole months and he never said a word to Funke. From the look on Shina’s face it appears he knows he’s in hot pepper soup! Surprisingly, despite all of Funke’s threats to bring him lunch every day and change Tolu’s diapers on his desk, he insists he’s not having his ex-girlfriend transferred.

Upset, Funke goes to warn off Amarachi. It was awful to see her insecurity showing like a petticoat several inches too long. She gets really frantic and then it hits her: who better to seek advice from than Hibiscus Lane’s resident predator, Rhetta? “I need to know how a desperate woman keeps her man.” Rhetta’s advice? Befriend the woman; good old keep your friends close and your enemies closer works all the time, right? Unfortunately for Funke, when she invites Amarachi for dinner and puts on a “happy family” show, Shina feels insulted and irritated by her distrust and insecurity, and they have a big fight in which Funke loses. Bummer.

A very important flashback this week: Agnes Bassey reflects on the time when she and her late sister Esther Benson discussed Rume Bello, the woman Agnes knew as Lillian. Agnes tells Esther that about 15 years ago, they both treated a very disturbed young drug addict who gave birth to a baby boy. Less than a year later, Rume and her husband disappeared, and the baby also went missing. People assumed it was a coincidence but Agnes Benson always prayed Rume would become the baby’s mother. She now knows that the baby – Ify renamed Akin – was fortunate to have found a good home instead of ending up in an orphanage.

When smells nauseate you and have you throwing up all over the place, and your boobs are tender, and your back aches, do you need a soothsayer to tell you there’s a bun in the oven due out in about 9 months? Not unless you’re Kiki Obi. When an older woman points it out to her, she takes a test and it turns out positive. She goes ahead to host the going away party she had been planning for Chuka, vomiting every few minutes of course. That evening, she discovers that Chuka, desperate for a baby, had been tampering with her birh control pills. The slap she gave him is certainly just the beginning. Heaven hath no rage…

So, who’s the baby’s daddy?


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    Your attention to detail is simply amazing, bringing life to an interesting drama which ignorant coconut heads like me are yet to watch.

    Sounds like there are more devious than noisy neighbours on this street

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