Diane, BBN star, walks out after Elozonam hinted she entered a relationship with actor Mawuli Gavor

Diane, BBN star, walks out after Elozonam hinted she entered a relationship with actor Mawuli Gavor

Diane walked out on other alumni of Big Brother Naija during the recent episode of the Reunion Show.


The 24-year-old reality star was confronted about her relationship with Ghanaian-born Nollywood actor, Mawuli Gavor


However, she was unwilling to give a response. During the altercation with a close friend and love interest, Elozonam on Monday, June 29; Diane preferred not to talk about the affair.

The Reunion Show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu focused on the two former Big Brother Naija contestants, Elozonam and Diane during Monday’s episode. Ebuka asked them about how their relationship has developed since the competition ended in 2019.


While Elozonam spoke about how Diane has been complicated, Diane also stated the former is ‘complicated’ and most times difficult to reach.


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The duo dubbed ‘Dialo’ by Big Brother Naija fans went back and forth, blaming each other for their wavering affection for each other. At the end of the episode, both parties were unable to define their relationship status.


Specifically, Elozonam mentioned that he treated Diane like an egg and told her severally that he sincerely admires her. However, he stated that he found himself entangled in Diane’s web of affection for other guys. He did not hesitate to mention names. Elozonoman mentioned their co-former housemates, Tuoyo, Sir Dee and Nelson.


It was at this moment that Diane urged Elozonam to quit talking which would cause rancour between both parties. The host, Ebuka would intervene and act as the devil’s advocate in the situation; he urged Elozonam to spill his guts otherwise he’ll unravel their dirty little secret.


Ebuka then mentioned the name of the actor, Mawuli Gavor. The young reality star would immediately walk away from the set.


Diane is reportedly in a love triangle with Elozonam and Mawuli Gavor.


Watch the moment below.




Recall the 24-year-old star had admonished her fans not to react negatively a week prior to the premiere of the reunion show.


She wrote:

“Morning Family, Please while we await the reunion to air if for any reason my name is mentioned and it doesn’t sit well with you.

Please don’t drag anyone for it; because it was how they felt in the house.

We’ve all moved past it, this was for closure and to promote peace.”

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