Did COVID-19 humble all men of God in this country who give New Year Prophecies? – Abiodun Kuforiji

Did COVID-19 humble all men of God in this country who give New Year Prophecies? – Abiodun Kuforiji





It is a bit weird. There was a time in this country that you could not escape New Year prophecies. From the obvious to the fantastical, so many preachers were eager to drop their nuggets on what God had in mind for the New Year.



I have a major logic problem that I grapple with in my Christian Faith. It is a problem because logic doesn’t do well with faith. Faith doesn’t require set patterns for people to believe. It can break all the rules or simply ignore all science. Logic is not helpful when you adhere to a faith.  I never really held on to the ‘words’ that came from men of God. If it was something that I wanted, I would say amen. If it was something I didn’t want, I would reject it and move on with my life.



But this is me.



A lot of people used to hinge on the words they get to set the tone of the year. From the days that living faith started declaring that a year would be their ‘YEAR OF ABUNDANCE’ and such, till when crossover services crossed over to orthodox churches, there was a lot of people who believed that a man of God would tell them what was to come in the new year.



That was till COVID-19.



It was early in the year 2020 that COVID started becoming a topic. We mostly ignored it because we kind of thought that the world would have sorted stuff out before it became a global thing. We were also a bit arrogant. With the way Ebola was quickly contained here, it was easy to think that COVID-19 would not be a problem.



But COVID came and it shut down the whole world in a way we had never seen before. For weeks, we sat down in our houses containing our panic and subsequently wearing masks and washing our hands maniacally for fear of the disease that was going to definitely sink Africa after it had ravaged nations with better health care than the nations in Africa.



Now here is the big question.



Why didn’t anyone see that this was going to happen? A virus came and literally shut down all worship places for the better part of that year. Not only worship centers but also schools. It hit the economy of every nation. It reset the calendars for most events. There is not a single person on this earth that was not affected by the global pandemic.



So what happened when we were crossing over into 2020?



Why didn’t the prophets and men of God see this? Did God hide it from them? Something as major as this should have come with a little warning.



Look, I am not hounding any man of God. I am not accusing anyone or calling anyone fake. I no dey buy wahala above my spiritual grade; when I am not Pastor Freeze.



Did COVID-19 humble all men of God in this country who give New Year Prophecies? - Abiodun Kuforiji


But  it made me wonder though.



I think this should humble a lot of us who believe in God. His mysterious nature is still intact. He still has the blueprint. No one can demand it from him. What he withholds from us he has withheld from us.



This pandemic did calm down many men of God. I know that they truly believe what they see and say but now they know that we all know they do not have the full picture. They know in tiny parts. They cannot really say the path of all men or even of one man.



If we as a people or a congregation keep this in mind, we will have less issues.  The reliance on these Men of God and the complete belief in them needs to somewhat give way to total reliance on God and complete belief in what He says.



When push comes to shove, the Men of God are like us. Men that are navigating each day with a million and one questions and also with a lot of unpredictable turns and curves ahead of them.



I think it is fantastic that we are all just men when it boils down to things. Men who live and will die one day.  Rather than run helter skelter for solutions that no man has to give, we need to wait on God for what only He can give.



I feel like I am preaching today.


Who knows who needs to hear it.


As this year starts, I remember part of a song we used to sing in my secondary school days:


I do not know what lies ahead.


The way I cannot see.


But One stands near to be my guide.


He’ll show the way to me.


I know Who holds the future


And He’ll guide me with His hands.


With God things don’t just happen



Everything by Him is planned


So as I face tomorrow with its problems large or small.


I will trust the God of Miracles, give to Him my all.


I don’t know what this year holds for us. But God does, so it is best to stick to his side. Do not fret. Work hard. Trust Him and obey. You will be fine.



To my non-believing friends, this article is not for you. You believe your destiny is in your hands, then be careful what you do with your hands.



I wish you all well.



May we see same time next year.

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