Dangote: Did you see the “bum Shot” that set Twitter on fire? – Peju Akande

Dangote: Did you see the “bum Shot” that set Twitter on fire? – Peju Akande

Twitter is at it again! Late last year, a lady simply identified by her Twitter handle as @Iambealewis tweeted about her broken heart over the loss of a relationship with Aliko Dangote.

She is non-Nigerian.

 Thankfully, she didn’t have much of a  sob story; she told the world how he broke her heart when he called off the relationship; but while it lasted, she gained so much from just being with him.

She reported that he opened her eyes to several financial possibilities; she gained far more than she expected while being with the billionaire.

Oh what a man!

Any woman should lament the loss of such a man; a man said to be the wealthiest black man with a net worth of $13.5billion!

I am lamenting for her, my heart is actually broken for her, how did she lose him?

We were spared the reason; I am personally thankful she didn’t report that he beat her, stole from her, tried to use her for money ritual… or some juju; you know kids these days, everything is fodder for twitter fire. You have a small relationship with them, next thing, they splash you all over twitter as well as Instagram…

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Then the Twitter cat dragged the rash along…another lady, obviously non Nigerian by the handle, @allarounda1 came out to put Lewis on blast saying she is currently dating Dangote and Lewis’ story is also not true. She not only debunked Lewis’s story, she also showed us chats sent back and forth with Lewis THEN to drive home the fact that she is NOW the one in Dangote’s bed, she posted the now famous bum shot of the billionaire!

That bum has become a meme!

This shocked me.

Haba! These children don’t fear God!

These small, small American girls don’t have respect at all!

Do they know how we revere Dangote around here?

Dangote bum

Do they understand the impact of this man’s business on our daily lives?


Someone said Dangote is a big boy and he can take a few memes.

I don’t know what is going through Dangote’s mind but I can bet his bum burning the internet would just be a passing distraction for him.

He is single, he is loaded, he is handsome, so what are a few jabs at his hard as Dangote cement butt going to do.

I bet he is counting his billion and telling the world – “Bring it on!”


On the flip side, though.

One would ask, what manner of girls are these?

I doubt that Dangote would continue his relationship with @allrounda1 for the simple fact that discretion isn’t one of her virtues. Not that I suppose virtue  was uppermost on Dangote’s mind when he approached @allaround1 but for a man with his reputation, having a mistress who gets careless with photos, videos…things like this are not good for him.

Did you see Dangote’s "bum Shot" that set Twitter on fire? - Peju Akande

Anyway, like I said before, Dangote can take this irritating distraction because he knows that we would soon forget his bum and find other things to distract us online.

Well the trending news is the Ogun state commissioner who is alleged to have sexually assaulted a 16 year old.

We mooovvve, to the commissioner’s page!

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