Didi Ekanem slams Rema over his tribute to late Mohbad

Didi Ekanem slams Rema over his tribute to late Mohbad

Didi Ekanem, a Nollywood actress, criticized Rema for paying respect to his deceased younger colleague Mohbad.

After posting a screenshot of the communication he had gotten from the deceased singer, Rema had received criticism.

Rema, who was mourning Mohbad, acknowledged that he disregarded the late singer’s post on his Instagram profile from 2020, in which he expressed his admiration for his song “Peace of Mind”.

It is now too late to respond, he stated, adding that he didn’t read the message till Mohbad’s passing.

Didi Ekanem called him out for being able to ignore Mohbad’s direct messages but not Selena Gomez’s, who is an American singer and actress.

Hailing him, she sarcastically stated that he did well.

“No be only I never saw your DM. But you saw Selena’s own. You try.”

Many concurred with her, as they noted how the industry is filled with pride and class.

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One Natasha Blessing Rasaq wrote, “Lol we too get pride in this country

“It can never be Davido!,” a user on The Food Networking wrote. “They should all aim to be like that artist. Ascend through helping others!”

“What you going to come talk about Oxlade wey restrict am?” asked Bishy Opeyemi. “People shouldn’t pass away before you offer them affection or, if you can, assist them, regardless of whether it is the truth. Life really is brief!”

After posting a screenshot of the message Mohbad delivered to him in 2018, which he ignored, singer Oxlade received similar criticism.

In the message, Mohbad had hailed Oxlade for his singing prowess and had expressed his love for him. Unfortunately, the singer had ignored his message and had also restricted him.

In what seemed like damage control, Oxlade took down the post from his Instagram page and shared another screenshot of a chat between him and the late singer.

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