Didi, budding singer, speaks up against rape

Didi, budding singer, speaks up against rape

Nigerian singer, Didi has spoken up against rape.


The budding Nigerian singer, Didi, real name Dada Dolapo; has added his voice to the chorus of Nigerians lamenting the cankerworm called rape currently ravaging the country.


Didi said that it was sad that sexual abuse, domestic violence and the abuse of children are thriving in society; adding that it was time to put a stop to it.


In an interview, Didi said:


They are our mothers, sisters and daughters. And we owe them our love and protection no matter what.

For too long our society has placed the blame on the victims instead of the abuser; saying things like ‘why is she dressed like that?’

‘Why did she go out with him?’ Why will she go drinking with such guys?’

And this has given the abusers boldness to continue as they justify their bad behavior while destroying young and promising lives.

And when this victims cry out, they are stigmatized, punished and suffer in silence.”


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Didi stated that it is not enough to sit down and point fingers because it is our duty to rise up and teach our young ones while they are still teachable.


Government has a lot to do in this regard. Government should create a friendly and enabling environment for victims while also encouraging them to speak up, offering counseling and a support system, instead of stigmatizing them.”


Didi was born in the early 90’s. The young talent was greatly influenced by late Fela Anikulpo Kuti among a host of other conscious musicians from a very tender age.

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