DJ Cuppy eulogizes Teni for staying with her through dark times

DJ Cuppy eulogizes Teni for staying with her through dark times


Several days after releasing her project, DJ Cuppy has eulogized her colleague Teni the Entertainer for helping through dark times.


According to DJ Cuppy she suffered a loss of confidence prior to the release of her EP, ‘Original Copy‘.


On Wednesday, March 11, DJ Cuppy took to her verified Instagram page where she saluted her fellow female creative in the music sphere, Teni. Cuppy who is the daughter of billionaire, Femi Otedola mentioned that Teni helped her raise her confidence when she as struggling with her esteem.


Cuppy made this known when she posted a picture of Teni‘s call and wrote, “Just when I was giving up… Teni called me with the encouragement I needed. This superstar literally sat on the phone with me and heard me out. She then told me she’s been through the same thing when she was working on her first project. People didn’t believe in her. I’m not alone.”



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It is known that the popular Nigerian DJ and daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, loves the glitz and glamour of life.

DJ Cuppy

Equally important, the talented disc jockey made a shocking confession in 2019. According to the entertainment polymath; she stated that she wished she was not the daughter of the oil magnate.


Continue reading what she said:

Yes I once wished I wasn’t the daughter of my father; but that was back in the days.

I’m now very comfortable in my own skin. When I first entered the industry, I felt like a lot of artistes and industry people wouldn’t accept me because I’m Femi Otedola’s daughter.

I felt they wouldn’t feel comfortable with me; thinking I have an unfair advantage to enter their space and dominate it all.”

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