Why every man needs to do a DNA test for the kids

Why every man needs to do a DNA test for the kids


A social media user has revealed it’s essential for every man to carry out a DNA test on their children.


An Abuja-based lawyer and counsellor, Victor Ibeh took to social media for this. He advised married men whose wives tried to “cover their shame”  through adultery.


According to the counsellor, any child a man accepts as his own must have first gone through a DNA test; to ascertain the paternity of the child.


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However,  if it turns out that  the supposed father is not the biological father, Ibeh advised that the man should thank his wife; rather than blame her because the wife was only trying  “to cover up his  shame .”


In his words:


“If you do a DNA test on your children and they are not yours, the problem is not from your wife.

It means you are infertile and your wife tried to cover up your shame. You should thank her and silently live with those children in peace”.



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Equally important, one young couple recently decided to do the latter for a bit of “fun”; but the whole experience ended up being anything but.


After taking the test, the woman, 27, was excited to find out some really interesting things about her ancestors; but what her 26-year-old boyfriend discovered would haunt them both for months to come.


The man revealed all in a post on Reddit, in which he claims his girlfriend broke up with him because of his test results.


He says the results uncovered a very dark family secret and his partner simply couldn’t get over it.

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