Do men like to cuddle?

Do men like to cuddle?





Do guys like to be cuddled?”


I think it is about 90% of the men’s “guilty pleasure”.


Most men of the previous generation were raised to not be so touchy, feely. But yet you notice men among their bros will hug each other; slap each other’s back, comfort each other, etc.


Men crave physical attention just as much as women often do; and many men in turn love the feeling of being cuddled. It is comforting, soothing, and just a moment to just be.


Now sure, you get some men who cannot help but pop a chub during cuddling with a woman they find sexy. But that is either because he wants to turn the cuddle into something; or it is honestly involuntary due to many factors. Like how close she is; how she moves; how she even breathes (like if she is close enough to breath against his neck); unintentionally grinds, etc.



Do men like to cuddle?


Good luck determining which one it is, I have had to fight off the growing man during a cuddle because I really did want the moment and didn’t want to send the wrong message of wanting more at that time.



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But for most men the cuddling tends to be filed under “guilty pleasure” and why most men tend to cuddle in the safety of their own home and not engage in such when they are in their circle of friends.


In the end…it bring peace, comfort, and company, and at times a moment where words are not even needed to calm a storm of what might be in the man’s heart or mind.




Do men like to cuddle?

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