Do not beg for love, It’s better a broken relationship than a broken marriage

Do not beg for love, It’s better a broken relationship than a broken marriage

About any relationship, my fellow women, when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade and drink yourself silly!


Heartbreaks are here to stay, nothing we do can make them disappear into thin air.

After all, better a broken relationship than a broken marriage. If he doesn’t want to be with you, swallow the bitter pill and walk away.


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However long the night is, morning will eventually come.

Your prince charming will show up just in time to show you the real meaning of love.

Forcing yourself into a man’s life will not make him love you any more.

Bearing him a bouncing baby boy or a cat-walking baby girl will not make him marry you if his mind is already made up.

So the earlier you see the red flag, the sooner you should hit the road.

I know it might be the most difficult thing to do especially if you are deeply in love with him. You might not even have the strength to eat or sleep after rejection.

It will all come to pass, when you miss him after the breakup, do not be tempted to go back and try to mend things.



That will only worsen the situation and as humans, some of us have no control over anger and anger is the mother of all misfortunes.

Missing someone is part of moving on, it is not a sign that you should go back to whoever rejected you.

The faster you move on, the quicker the healing.

Cry all you can, develop a new hobby if you want, see a counselor if need be, but avoid crossing paths with the past that you so wish to forget.




This crying girl needs help



We have recently seen many cases of love gone sour, even resulting in death.

All because we want to take control of what is beyond us. Love is a feeling and if it is not mutual in a relationship, exit with no regrets.

Why do we always want to please society by sticking to men who clearly want nothing to do with us?

I have many female friends who cry day and night in their relationships but will not dare quit because of shame…women who have gone to the extent of getting pregnant for a man just to make the man stick around.

My dear, that is a bottomless pit you are digging yourself and when the right time comes, you will fall into it forever.


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I always consider myself the owner of the weakest heart of them all, but if I moved on from a relationship, if I smiled after the cancellation of my long awaited wedding, if I moved on past the sleepless nights full of wet pillows, if I braved days when all I could see in my food was his face and immediately stop eating, then you can too.

If we do not develop a tough skin to match mens’ tough egos, then we will continue wallowing in pain, suffering and stupid revenges which will eventually take our happiness away forever.

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