Does Lagos weather have a remote control? – Ella Temisan

Does Lagos weather have a remote control? – Ella Temisan



Weather – “My sister, person dey hold this rain for somewhere.”






It’s not like I was expecting an answer when my customer made the statement to me; but if I’d gotten one, I wouldn’t have minded.



I hear about these things with the weather, holding rain and calling thunder; but I’d never really seen it in action. What I mean is that I’ve never seen it actually succeed.



The one time I experienced an attempt was at my grandmother’s burial. My uncle had thought it would be a great idea to hire a rainmaker. That’s what they are called; the people with skills to command the weather. My uncle said it was so that we would be covered on both sides. According to him, the white man’s God could control the skies; but where He fails, our gods will take it up.



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Does Lagos weather have a remote control? - Ella Temisan



Imagine my confusion at watching my simple man of an uncle choose to pit two beings against themselves. I was sure we were going to suffer for his disrespect.



And so it rained and rained heavily. As if to prove me right. Luckily, it held off until Mama had been laid to rest in the ground; and only started while we were dancing around because they said it was a celebration of life.



When I asked my Uncle why the rain didn’t wait or go away. He said the gods didn’t like the brand of gin the Rainmaker had used; so they decided to give us half work.



So, God and the gods work hand in hand? I’ll have to ask him about this one day.



I’m older and supposed to be wiser now; but I still don’t get it. How does one control the weather? Most importantly, who is controlling the one in Lagos?



We started the rainy season this year thinking we would be washed into the Atlantic Ocean. Unsurprisingly, the grumbling and lamenting resumed with Lagosians asking the government to “help the masses;” and as usual, there was no response. Probably because the government had its hands full with fighting COVID-19.



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Does Lagos weather have a remote control? - Ella Temisan



But around April, the rain stopped as suddenly until recently when it started showing off its pouring skills. And it has really been showing off. So that it seems that we’re compensating at once for all the sunshine we have been enjoying.



If this is a cool weather trick like what my uncle arranged for in my village many years ago, I don’t know. But if the weather can find a way to remain cool and collected until the end of this year; I’m sure nobody will mind.



Maybe one day, the mystery behind “holding rain” will make sense to me.

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