Don Jazzy urges women to expose producers demanding sex

Don Jazzy urges women to expose producers demanding sex

Nigerian music producer, Don Jazzy has admonished women to expose producers who are requesting sex.


In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, Don Jazzy stated that women in the music industry need to be protected.


Speaking during the session, Don Jazzy said;

 “I have a record label, so I have male and female artistes.

In the past, maybe I had the opportunity to go through a female artiste’s phone and read conversations that the female artistes had had with a bunch of producers, TV people, people in the industry.. everybody just wants sex.

It’s tiring.

I feel sorry for them.” 


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According to him, the system is flawed and needs to be fixed.

Don Jazzy also added that he believes society needs to raise the male child better.

He said; “We need to fix the system in general. We need to train the male child better.”

As an alternative solution, Don Jazzy said that female artistes should publicly expose music producers and media personalities who demand sex in exchange for a deserved favour.

“If these young ladies start calling them out, that’s a start. If a producer says he wants to sleep with you, call him out!”

In the latter part of the interview, the Nigerian music head honcho revealed that he feels no regret about his divorce and confirmed that his ex-wife had remarried and has a child.

He said he is single and teased that people are welcome to “shoot shots” – slang for ‘romantic proposals.’


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