Is Donald Trump the Christian President? (ChristianToday)

Is Donald Trump the Christian President? (ChristianToday)

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is puzzled. Like many Christians on this side of the Atlantic he doesn’t understand why Christians in the US seem to have supported Donald Trump in such numbers. Or perhaps to put it another way – he doesn’t understand why evangelicals seem to have overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump.

I have militant atheist friends who delight in pointing me to President Trump’s latest aberration before they gleefully point out he is ‘my’ President – ie the Christian President. But is he?

The hostile atheists and secularists take great delight in tweeting about a ‘far right, misogynistic, racist, sexual hypocrite, Christian’ (forgetting both his past as a New York, liberal Democrat and the sexual exploits of their hero JFK). He is the ideal candidate for them to use to justify their hatred for Christians.

On the other hand there are Christians who think that Donald Trump is ‘our’ candidate, the one chosen and anointed by God. The one who though he is flawed (the ‘we are all sinners’ card usually gets played at this point) is still far better than the alternative. He is the Christian President.

Except it’s not as simple as that. There are professing Christians who are strongly opposed to Donald Trump. John Macarthur made clear his opposition to the ‘vulgar Trump’, as did Russell Moore of the Southern Baptists and many others. Read more

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