Dos and Don’ts for the New Year – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Dos and Don’ts for the New Year – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



Congratulations, guys. We have seen the New Year 2022.



It has been a tough two years globally with the pandemic.  If nothing else, the pandemic has taught me not to take life for granted. All that you have, all that you think you have planned, all that you think you know can flip in a day.



We put one step ahead of the other with our dreams and hopes in our hearts. We walk confidently. And we project what we intend to do all year. We make resolutions. There is this illusion of foreverness that being alive and well gives you. You tend to think it will always be that way till it is taken from you.



Till life shows you that all you have in your head is wishful thinking. Nothing is certain. No one can truly say what lies ahead.



Knowing that we don’t control much doesn’t stop us from planning our lives. We could die today and we could also die 70 years from now. We still map out plans. Wherever it stops, it stops.



I intended to sound light-hearted with this.


But here I am talking about life and it stopping. Okay o, back to regular programming.


So, I have a little advice to dish out for the new year. Things to do and not to do in 2022. The aim is to improve the quality of our lives.


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Dos and Don’ts for the New Year – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha





  1. Do not believe everything you see/read on social media. The level of gullibility in general is mind blowing. We tell ourselves everyday that social media isn’t real. Yet, we turn around and believe the things we see. Hence, we make judgments that we shouldn’t. Expound theories on what we know nothing about. Carry a bag of salt. Sprinkle it on everything you see this new year.


  1. Do not put your eggs in one basket. This is common sense, really. Sources of income dried up overnight when there was a lockdown. A good number of businesses were shut down because they depended on a daily income and with the lockdown; money was not coming in. Having only one source of income is too risky. Diversify. Even if the side hustle gives you just a little. Better a little than nothing. Expand your skill sets. Be innovative. Don’t treat anything like a sure thing. Don’t count eggs before they hatch. This isn’t pessimism. This is just being realistic.


  1.      This new year,do not remain where you are not loved or appreciated.  Why do this to yourself?  We remain in certain places that are toxic for so long that we can’t even see ourselves for who we are. While it all starts with self-love; it is hard to find what to love when you are sitting in a dumpster or a gutter. Step away or you will never be able to love yourself.


  1. Do not make marriage a goal. This is a weird one, I know. It is okay to desire to meet someone and find love and eventually get married. But marriage as the headlining goal is too dangerous. Staring ahead at marriage and running towards it can make you blind to things that you should see. A better goal would be to find love and see where it goes. There is no expiry date for getting married. It can happen this year or next or 10 years from now. Find love and let it lead you.



  1. Do not pray for Buhari to die.  It is obvious that he will live forever.





  1. This new year, do take long social media breaks. There is a sense of urgency that staying on the grid in real time gives you that you do not need. Every tragedy feels so close. Every anxiety gets magnified. And every failure becomes glaring. Sometimes, you feel so left behind when in actual fact, you are doing okay. Social media can be pressure. It can take over from your real life. It can be a pressure you don’t need. Take long unrepentant breaks just so that you always have a real taste of life.


  1. Forgive family. Many times, family units are so fractured and healing can seem too far. Many times, to survive mentally, we cut off from family members. We find brothers not talking. Sisters become enemies. Uncles hating nephews. There are times that we are legitimately wronged by family. It always hurts deeply. I dare to say, forgive. Forgive because holding on to hurt is a prison.  It is okay not to be present in the lives of people who have hurt you. But you can forgive and let go of the baggage that comes with pain handed to us.


  1. Do save in foreign currency. I am not a financial expert. But I know that 500k in naira in my bank account in January 2021 cannot buy the same amount of dollars in January 2022. Let me leave it here before I mis-yarn.


  1. Do spend time with the people you love. Don’t postpone it. Make time out specifically to call people and communicate the love you have for them. Love is good for the soul. Give it a chance to flourish this new year.


  1. Pray for Buhari. Not so that he changes, that one is well and truly cemented. I don’t know what you should pray for. Okay! Maybe you should pray for something to happen that will make it possible for 2023 to yield a better leader for us. We get our wahala as Nigerians. But we truly deserve better leadership than we get.


So, there we go. Feel free to ignore my advice. I no sure say I fit follow all of them, sef.



But if you will forget all, don’t forget this last do I will give you.



  1. Do take care of yourself.  Of your body, your mind and your soul.

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