Dowen College: Oromoni family petitions Police to investigate Kemi Oluloyo

Dowen College: Oromoni family petitions Police to investigate Kemi Oluloyo

The family of Sylvester Oromoni, who was allegedly beaten to death by some students at Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos, on Wednesday, December 13, filed a petition against an internet blogger, Ms Kemi Olunloyo, over some comments she reportedly made concerning the death of their son.

This was contained in a petition filed on behalf of the family by the Chambers of Mr. Femi Falana, SAN.

In the petition, the family urged the Deputy Commissioner of Police at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Lagos, to invite the blogger for questioning.

The petition, filed yesterday, was signed by Taiwo Olawanle of Falana and Falana’s Chambers regarding the incident in Dowen College.

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It reads: “Although the students and staff of the Dowen College suspected to have played a role in the brutal murder of Sylvester Oromoni have made useful statements to the Police; one Ms Kemi Olunloyo has just introduced another twist to the incident.

“According to a false statement credited to her, Ms Olunloyo claimed that;  ‘Sylvester Oromoni wanted to join the cult. He agreed to be beaten and drank Eegine oil as part of the initiation process.’

“Ms Olunloyo recorded her false statement and has been circulating the same on social media in a wicked manner; with the sole purpose of diverting attention from the ongoing investigation by the Police. Apart from attempting to destroy the name of Sylvester Oromoni, Ms Olunloyo has exacerbated the tragedy of his parents; family members and friends without any justification whatsoever.

“Even though the reckless statement is a figment of the imagination of Ms Olunloyo; we are of the strong view that she ought to assist the Police in the ongoing investigation into the cause of the death of Sylvester Oromoni.”

Consequently, the family has urged the Police to probe the claims of the self-acclaimed investigative journalist. Also, it has asked the authorities to charge her to court if she fails to substantiate her claims.

“We are therefore compelled to request the Police to investigate the allegation of false information being circulated by Ms Olunloyo on the gruesome circumstances surrounding the death of Sylvester Oromoni.

“If she cannot substantiate her reckless allegation; Ms Olunloyo ought to be charged with false information in the Magistrate Court in Lagos State.”

Meanwhile, 1st News reports that another student, this time a University undergraduate; was over the weekend set ablaze for his refusal to join a cult fraternity.

Specifically, the incident occurred in Osun State University.

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