Dr Anu called out for another botched surgery

Dr Anu called out for another botched surgery

Self-acclaimed medical practitioner and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Anu is infamous for inflicting life threatening injuries on her clients, wards and patients.



Several months after the license of the MedContour lead surgeon was ceased; new allegations of a botched surgery have been levelled against the controversial medical practitioner, Dr Anu Adepoju once again.


On Sunday, May 16, an alleged cosmetic surgery victim who suffered a botched butt surgery; has come out to accuse Dr Anu Adepoju of being responsible.


Photos of the patient’s butt with puss leaking out of it are circulating online; alongside a chat purportedly from the patient.


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In the chat, the patient alleged that Dr Anu moved her practice to Abuja after her clinic in Lagos – Medcontour – was shut down over alleged malpractice.


The patient added that she lives in New York; and didn’t know about Dr Anu or the other patients who claim to be her victims.


When she returned to Nigeria, she booked a session with Dr Anu; she claims, and it ended in a disaster.


Read the conversation below.


Photos of her bum are now circulating on Twitter, with some people calling her out for not doing a Google search of the doctor who she was about to entrust with her life and money.


See another photo below.


Recall that Dr Anu of Medcontour has been involved in controversies after multiple patients who visited her cosmetic surgery clinic for body enhancement suffered life-threatening complications; including a former beauty queen, Nneka, who later died in LUTH.


Last year, Dr Anu was suspended from the medical profession in Nigeria after LUTH petitioned the medical panel following the death of the victim of Dr Anu’s procedure who died after being transferred to its hospital (read here).


Also, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC, sued her to court for malpractice in July 2020; and photos of her arriving in court were shared online (read here).


Despite the restrictions, she’s alleged to have continued practicing in Abuja, causing harm to patients.

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