Drugs worth over N1 billion caught with Nigerian man in India

Drugs worth over N1 billion caught with Nigerian man in India

A Nigerian man has been arrested with drugs worth over N1 billion in India.

The Nigerian man was  identified as Gunde Ijiko Ozeno. Ozeno, a 44-year-old migrant, was apprehended in India carrying 250 grams of Mephedrone.

The Nigerian was caught in possession of the substance; which was valued at Rs 25 lakh (N1billion).

But after receiving the report of technical details given for testing; police stated that there may be further arrests in the case. Equally important, the suspect has been in police custody for four days and is presently detained.

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According to Assistant Commissioner of Police (Kalwa), Venkat Andale; a squad from the Mumbra Police set up a trap at a dumping place in Diva on Wednesday, acting on a tip-off.

According to Hindustan Times, a team of officials set up a trap for him on Monday; leading to his apprehension with MD powder in his hands.

“The accused had came to Diva to sell the drugs,” a police officer stated.

”He currently resides in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, where he has also been expanding his network.”

In other news, a Siberian entrepreneur has filed a lawsuit against the Russian branch of the World Health Organization (WHO) over fears the classification of the recently discovered Covid strain – named Omicron – is ruining the image of his business.

The CEO of the Omicron Network of ophthalmology clinics, Alexander Padar, lodged the claim with the Moscow Arbitration Court on November 30, but local media reported the businessman’s grievances on Friday.

The small business owner insists that the use of the word  -Omicron –  to refer to the new strain of Covid-19; as well as any other infection, should be blacklisted.


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