E. BE. THINGS: The lessons so far in 2020

E. BE. THINGS: The lessons so far in 2020
If 2020 was a person, it’s name would be E. BE. THINGS. There are so many things to talk about; every week comes with its own drama- sometimes negative, other times a shade of light breaks through our window and then it disappears before we can even grasp it.
All the same, thank God for life.
2020 would easily be one of the most memorable years in the life of so many individuals.
A lot has changed this year; the Coronavirus outbreak that occurred earlier in the year caused turbulence in the life of so many.
Several families lost loved ones, others lost their jobs, others died of hunger during the lockdown. One thing about 2020 though, nobody is the same way they came into the year, a lot of unforeseen circumstances have occurred.
20 years ago, people would laugh at you if you told them they could die if they touch their face.
Who would believe the mouth and nose would become a private part.
Without a face/nose mask, you won’t gain access to certain places.

E. be. things.


Sometimes, you just have to turn off your cellphones and stay away from real life, 2020 has been a year of intense conundrum. Maintain sanity, keep your mental health in check.
Question upon questions; seeking the purpose of life, awaiting God to give us answer to the aim and objective of this turbulence. No one knows tomorrow, it could be me, it could be you, like a magician, 2020 has a lot of tricks in its pocket.
Amidst the pandemic, there was a rape epidemic in the country, people getting brutally raped before they are gruesomely murdered.
Check the news, devastating reports on how teenage girls are assaulted by paedophiles. Used for ritual, the beauty of life is taken away from them even before they fully grasp it.
E. Be. things, bro, E Be things.
On the flip side is the overwhelming amount of women who take to social media to share false rape stories. Events that never happened, a young man, even killed himself due to the frivolity of a certain rape story that never happened.
E be things, 2020 has no author, it’s just been a year full of conundrum and drama.
The story never finishes, plenty of events still unravelling.
Currently, Nigerian youths are staging a peaceful protest demanding an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). This is following series of assault and maltreatment of citizens in the country.

Recall that a team ofSpecial Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police allegedly killed a young man on Saturday, October 4.


The incident occurred in front of Wetland Hotel, Ughelli in Delta State.


The operatives allegedly shot the citizen; and likewise left the scene in the victim’s vehicle – a white Lexus jeep.




Their actions led to a general outcry by Nigerians; who are calling for an end to the brutality from SARS operatives. The hashtag, #EndSars has been recurring on the social media platform, Twitter for several years, however, in the last couple of days, celebrities have aired their pleasure in the ill-treatment of Nigerians, especially youths in the nation.


Ladies and gentlemen, 2020 might not be going the way ought to, however, it will be what it ought to be where Nigerians will fight for what they truly desire. This is just the beginning.


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