E Get Why: Understanding how Nigeria will kill you

E Get Why: Understanding how Nigeria will kill you


E get why religion is the opium of the masses. It is the only medicine that can soothe the pain; ache; heartbreak and also other unforeseen circumstances that every Nigerian didn’t sign up for.


A lot of people are advocating that the rich get richer and the poor keep getting poorer; that’s because you do not understand what you signed up for as a Nigerian. E get why, you do not have to offend anyone in Nigeria to suffer; there is really no freedom for the common man, you are limited.


The only medium a Nigerian can actually find solace is in spirituality, religion and words of affirmation. If you’re wondering why African clergymen are the wealthiest, it is because Africans want to hold to something, they need something valuable to hold accountable.


Everything in Nigeria is a battle, a prayer point.


Nigeria will help you kill your dreams and aspiration. Hence, you need a vaccine to protect yourself against the harms of the enemies, the ones we dub village people, e get why.


Different day, unique trouble.


You could be walking down the street and be a victim of extrajudicial killing. No one prepared to be murdered in the morning, as a Nigerian always be prepared for the worst. I don’t mean to be pragmatic, it is what it is, this is our reality.


Everyone hates you, including the authorities whose jurisdiction is to serve and secure you.


You are at risk.


It’s like everything in the country is a struggle. There is never really a moment of peace and tranquillity in the heart of a Nigerian, there is always something to fight for.


There is a reason why no one is more secretive than a Nigerian who wants to travel out of the country. He knows that deep in the recess of the heart of his neighbour there is anger, animosity and jealousy. E get why them they call am ‘I pass my neighbour‘.



It became apparent a couple of weeks ago amid the lockdown that Nigerians deserve better.


Nothing is funny, nothing is exciting, Nigeria will kill you.


Millions of Lagosians stepped out during the hours of Monday, May 4 to revitalize what they’ve lost; disregarding the Coronavirus pandemic, not everyone cares too much about the virus.

Some just want to resume to their workplace after staying idle for a month, others want to acquire the huge sum of they’ve spent in the last couple of weeks.


The Government apparently doesn’t care about its citizens.


Like, they don’t really care about the wellbeing of citizens, they act like they do but they do could care less about anyone.

It is apparent, they only unleashed Nigerians, pardon me Lagosians to into the street and fend for themselves.


They don’t care, Nigeria will kill you steadily but surely, the system will choke you to death.


Despite the huge sum of money the United Nations and other Western nations sent to Nigeria, the government could not provide
adequate palliatives for its citizens.


No funds!
No food!
Yup, there is no Protection or security!

People die daily, but Nigeria will kill you rapidly!

The most populated black nation is not balanced.


It’s been a couple of weeks but it feels like a lifetime.


I thought to stay indoor was cheap, oh mine, I’ve never been more wrong.


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I am just wondering why everything in Nigeria must be a struggle, a turmoil, somewhat a prayer point. It’s like everything in Nigeria was established to kill somebody.



I don’t know why, but since the day I was born everything has been a battle.


Nigeria is an independent nation; however, it is hard to think liberal when cultural animosity and religious bigotry would never enable us to think forward.


The hypocrisy of the politicians and some citizens is insurmountable; it’s despondent to dwell in doubt and uncertainty throughout the lifespan of one’s existence. There needs to be a standpoint and plausible reality someday, man cannot live in confusion all the days of his life.

Take a look around, think about the sponsors, perpetrators and idealist behind the blood-shedding, massacre, arson and societal violence in our country today.


It’s definitely one of the demagogues of the land, a curmudgeon who doesn’t buy the idea of peace and unity; a psychopath who has been brainwashed and manipulated by religion; and has developed a heart gushing for immense destruction.


The blind are leading the blind in the wrong direction; we are quickly approaching the end if we don’t proffer a solution in due season. E get why we are the epicentre of poverty. We need to put hands on deck as well as work smart; we love religion but we need to embrace productivity and innovation, it will help our economy immensely.

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