Eating raw fruits, vegetables may boost mental health – Study

Eating raw fruits, vegetables may boost mental health – Study


Mental health has been an alarming concern for people around the world.


With increasing stress and fast-paced lifestyle, there has been significant deterioration in one’s mental condition.


Health experts time and again stress upon importance of mental well-being for overall development.

While being happy and also positive are the two major factors that lead to mental well-being, food plays an equally important role in this situation.


For the uninitiated, what we eat is always said to have a direct link with our mind and body.


For instance, adaptogens as well as antioxidants help relax our mind; reducing stress as well as anxiety.



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A recent study has further found that raw fruits as well as vegetables; along with good sleep and also exercise; are the three major pillars for mental wellness. Published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, the findings stated; “Getting good quality sleep, exercising, and eating more raw fruits and vegetables predicts better mental health and well-being in young adults.”


The study was conducted by researchers at University of Otago, who surveyed more than 1100 young adults. The diet pattern, sleep pattern, mental health; and amount of physical activity of the participants were considered for the research.

It was found that people who ate 4.8 servings of raw fruits and vegetables per day had better mental health. But the ones who ate less than 2 servings; and more than 8 servings had opposite reaction.

Good amount of sleep and adequate physical activities also showed positive effects on the participants’ mental health.

“Sleep, physical activity, and a healthy diet can be thought of as three pillars of health, which could contribute to promoting optimal well-being among young adults; a population where the prevalence of mental disorders is high and well-being is suboptimal,” stated lead author Shay-Ruby Wickham.

Considering the above factors, we say, include good amount raw fruits and salads in your daily diet to keep up a healthy mind and body.



Here’re 5 Super Salad Options For You:

Superfood Salad

As the name says, this salad bowl is loaded with superfoods like berries, kale, chickpea etc that makes for a wholesome meal and includes all the essential nutrients in our diet.

Chickpea and Spinach Salad

This bowl of salad is loaded with the goodness of spinach, mint, chickpes et al and make for a fulfilling meal anytime you want.

Carrot Salad

All you need for this recipe are some carrots, green papaya and cucumber, finely sliced and mixed with honey-soy dressing to make it flavourful.


Pomegranate and Kiwi Salad

Prepared with juicy pomegranate, kiwi and orange, this salad is refreshing and adds a burst of flavours to your palate.


Raw Papaya Salad

A classic Asian salad bowl, raw papaya salad spells indulgence. It is a flavourful mix of raw papaya, cherry tomatoes, crunchy nuts, red and green chilli, palm sugar, lemon, salt and more.

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