EFCC throws the dictionary at a Nigerian

EFCC throws the dictionary at a Nigerian

The handler of the official platform of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC on Twitter has urged a certain Nigerian youth to understand what ‘hustle’ means.


In an exchange on Monday, April 19, the operator of the EFCC’s Twitter account schooled a netizen identified as Kola Oyekan.


Both parties argued the meaning of the word, ‘hustle’.


Specifically, EFCC shared a video on their platform urging Nigerian youths to focus on their ‘hustle’. The revealed where various young men working as auto-mechanics.


The caption of the video reads;

Try dey hustle for your legit ‘2k’ and be proud about it!

The EFCC says #BeLegit and #HustleNotSteal


Watch the video below.


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After the video surfaced online, the Twitter user identified as Kola Oyekan, called out the EFCC operator for using the term ‘Hustle’.


He argued that the term can be affiliated with vices and menace in society. Oyekan stated that the word hustle could also mean fraud and execution of illicit work.


Kola Oyekan wrote;

“The word hustle also means fraud, obtain illicitly or by forceful action.

EFCC should know better.”


The operator of the anti-graft platform immediately schooled the Twitter user that the word ‘hustle’ is more elaborate.


As a matter of fact, he gave another definition to the word hustle.


“Thank you for your comment, Mr Oyekan.

However, we are also aware that the word ‘hustle’ does not only mean “to obtain illicitly…”.

It can also mean “a state of great activity” or “to proceed or work rapidly or energetically”. #EFCCKnowsBetter

Kind regards,” the Twitter operator wrote.


Read the exchange below.




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