Efia Odo: Prostitution is rife due to unemployment

Efia Odo: Prostitution is rife due to unemployment

Efia Odo has refused to condemn women who engage in prostitution in Ghana.


In a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, Efia Odo explained how poverty and unemployment have influenced the decision of numerous women to engage in prostitution.


She noted that the creation of well-paying jobs will help reduce the number of people engaged in prostitution in the country.


“I feel like if there are more jobs and well-paid jobs a lot of things will decrease,” she told BBC in Accra.


Efia Odo said some film actresses have had to sleep with men in exchange for money to afford their lifestyle but she sees nothing wrong with it.



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“Some of them sleep around. Even if they sleep with politicians and men for money, how does that concern you? Or anybody? We are all trying to eat and survive.”


It’s been two rough weeks for Nana Addo and his government after some Ghanaians; including celebrities, stormed Twitter to protest against bad leadership and governance in the country.


In other news, Efia Odo mentioned that sperm can be instrumental in curing acne.


She mentioned that the sperm can be stored in the fridge and applied to make it last longer. It must be recalled that Efia Odo is an outspoken actress who is not afraid to be opinionated. She came for actresses that have gone under the knife to make their physique more attractive.


She said:

Nobody with a natural body goes hard to prove their body is natural it’s always chicks with fakes asses that be trying to prove to the world that their body is real.’

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