El-Zakzaky honored by Iyliya Islamic University based in Najaf, Iraq

El-Zakzaky honored by Iyliya Islamic University based in Najaf, Iraq

Iyliya Islamic University based in Najaf, Iraq has honored the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub El-Zakzaky with an honorary degree.

The ceremony to honour El-Zakzaky took place in the conference hall of the University on Monday, September 7.

Owing to the restrictions of movement; and a large gathering in measures being taken by authorities across the globe; to curb the rapid spread of the deadly Covid-19; the ceremony held via Google Zoom conference except for the hosts of the event.

A link was made available where the general public visited the Zoom’s site and watched the event live.

Earlier, a documentary of Sheikh El-Zakzaky was showcased; acknowledging the noble efforts of the cleric towards Islamic struggling; and propagation of the knowledge of Ahlul Bayt in Africa.

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Eventually, the Chief Host Sayyed Ayatullah Muhammad Aliyu Alawy Kargani was presented who spoke at length on Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.

He spoke mainly on the violation of his fundamental rights elaborating how the innocent Sheikh suffered at the hands of Nigerian government decades since and after the preplanned Zaria massacre of 2015.

“Sheikh El-Zakzaky is a spiritual leader who leads by example. He is an Islamic reformer who was raised by Allah the Most Omnipotent to fulfill an assignment in the Africa region of the globe. He deserves a recommendation for his steadfastness towards the path of Imam Hussein (AS),” he said.

Also, the vice-chancellor of the University Dr. Sheikh Galib Abdulhusain Na’yma delivered closing remarks; and also shed more lights; describing the cleric as a Prisoner of conscience who lost six biological sons for his course.

At the end of the event, the certificate was presented to the representative of the Foundation of Azzahara Litablig Islam for Africa Sayyed Shu’aibu Muhammad Sani.

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