Elon Musk calls Apple Cloth “silly”, recommends Tesla Cyberwhistle instead

Elon Musk calls Apple Cloth “silly”, recommends Tesla Cyberwhistle instead



Elon Musk has now called the Apple Cloth ‘silly”! The controversial Apple Cloth that sell for 1,999 has already amassed a lot of memes and jokes since it went on sale. Now, Tesla owner Elon Musk calls it silly on Twitter in a bid to promote a new accessory. Instead of buying the Apple Cloth, Musk recommends getting the Tesla Cyberwhistle!



Yes, Tesla is now selling a whistle shaped after its famous Cybertruck EV. Being a $50 accessory, it doesn’t do anything other being a whistle. The shape is reminiscent of the Cybertruck and Tesla’s website says that it is made of stainless steel.



Tesla Cyberwhistle better than Apple Cloth, says Elon


Within minutes of putting out the tweet, the Cyberwhitle went out of stock. Fans followed up with replies, flaunting their purchase invoice of the this $50 accessory.


Musk’s original tweet said, “Blow the whistle on tesla”, sharing a link to the store. Soon after, he followed it up with a controversial statement that takes a dig at the Apple Cloth.


“Don’t waste your money on that silly Apple Cloth, buy our whistle instead!” wrote Elon in his tweet.

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The Cyberwhistle is simply a Cybertruck inspired whistle that does everything a regular whistle does. You can blow it like a regular whistle. Since you are paying $50, you are getting a “medical grade” stainless steel build. That’s it, that’s the cyberwhistle. No app or no Bluetooth inside.


Obviously, Elon’s dig at the Apple Cloth could be lighthearted. Back when it was launched, the Apple Cloth received a lot of criticism for overselling a simple product. People went crazy about how Apple could charge 1,900 for a simple cloth wipe; something that you can buy for much less from the market, or even fashion out of your old clothes.

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