Elon Musk lifts Twitter’s ban on political ads

Elon Musk lifts Twitter’s ban on political ads

Elon Musk on Tuesday lifted the ban of political ads prohibition that Twitter had in place to combat misinformation prior to the billionaire’s acquisition of the now-named X platform.

Less than a week after former president Donald Trump made a post at X for the first time since January 2021. This has led to worries that deceptive political comments were once again welcomed there.

Trump announced his return to the platform that served as his favourite bullhorn throughout his time as president by posting his police mugshot following his detention in Georgia.

It was his first public appearance in days following the uprising at the US Capitol, where a furious mob of his followers tried to prevent Joe Biden’s inauguration as president.

The then-Twitter permanently suspended Trump after the January 6 riot, ruling he had violated the platform’s policy on glorifying violence as he pressed his false claims that the election was stolen from him.

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Musk, who bought the platform last year, reinstated the former president in November 2022, but Trump stayed away. He chose to reach his followers on his own platform, Truth Social, albeit with a much smaller audience.

X said in a blog post that allowing political ads, starting in the United States, was “building on our commitment to free expression”.

X policies prohibit promotion of false or misleading information, including bogus claims intended to undermine confidence in an election, the blog contended.

Trump’s recent mug shot post came with a caption reading “Election interference”.

X said it is expanding its safety and elections teams to focus on combating manipulation of the platform. It will also provide an online center where they can review political ads.

X said it’s updating its Civic Integrity Policy for safeguarding elections to tackle content meant to intimidate or deceive voters; while aligning with a Musk’s philosophy of letting people say what they want.

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