Emma Nyra: Nigerians are victims of circumstances

Emma Nyra: Nigerians are victims of circumstances

Nigerian songstress, Emma Nyra has reacted to the series of mishap ongoing in the country. In her recent Twitter post; the American-born Nigerian artiste stated that every Nigerian is a victim of circumstances.


She stated this on her verified microblogging site, Twitter on Thursday, October 22.


In a lengthy Twitter thread, Emma Nyra reacted to the reports of Edo State prisoners; who broke loose a couple of days ago. She stated that some prisoners were wrongfully accused, to begin with; hence, the government should revisit their cases and do justice to their ordeal.


She then went on to state that most Nigerians are victims of circumstances beyond their control.


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She wrote;

“Even the prisoners that are escaping; some are victims of wrongful arrests.

Every single citizen of Nigeria is a victim of circumstances beyond their control.

Many criminals would not have chosen that lifestyle if they had a fair chance at life.

Nigeria jaga jaga indeed”



In another post, she reacted to the viral video of Lagos State residents; ransacking a warehouse that contains COVID-19 palliatives. She opined that light is gradually igniting in Nigeria’s direction; and one day, justice shall prevail.


Like several other Nigerians, Emma Nyra revealed she was shocked at how the government remained surreptitious about the palliatives for several months.


Expressing her disappointment on social media, the songstress wrote;

“If they are hiding palliatives in broad daylight imagine what else they are hiding.

The money they are hiding no be here o!

God reveal all this evil and forgive us for our revenge.



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