Encourage your teen to make money this summer

Encourage your teen to make money this summer

One thing is for sure, as your children get older they become more and more expensive. Teens eat more, they travel more, they need more and more money for school. They are more expensive to buy gifts for, they like to go on expensive dates, they like to have expensive fun, and the list goes on. Thus, if your child is yet to begin to make money of his own, this might be a good time to start to encourage him.

So how does a teen make money? Helping children earn money and learn money management as early as possible can be a really good thing. As good as this is, the child’s age and perhaps lack of experience may be a problem in getting a job.

A Financial Literacy Advocate with special interest in children’s financial well-being, Mrs. Gbonjubola Sanni told 1stNews that one of the things you need to invest in with your children before he or she gets a job is education.

According to her, asides the education he or she is getting at school, also put your child through on financial literacy tips. The most important with respect to work is that all work requires time and effort. Let your child understand what getting involved in get-rich-quick schemes can bring.

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Sanni said another thing your child needs to learn is the art of networking. Networking is important at all ages. “Let him know that he needs to inform everyone he knows that he’s looking for a job. Eventually someone is bound to let him know about a job opening.”

The financial advocate stressed that as soon as your child understands the basics of making money or working, let him or her start. Here are some ideas she has discussed with 1stNews about what teens can do to earn money:

Various means of making income

– Let him decide on something he’s interested in and then build a business around it

– Work at a mall, restaurant or supermarket

– Clean out the house and sell certain items that are no longer useful with parent’s consent

– Start his own website, generate traffic, and collect money from Google Adsense or other means

– Setup or fix computers

– Sell products online

– Offer to wash people’s cars

– Learn how to make craft items, jewelry and other hand crated items that can be sold

– Learn how to bake, make up people, etc

– He can also watch out for seasonal jobs; there are a lot of extra jobs around Christmas time and other festive periods

This list is not exhaustive. I am sure you or your child can come to the conclusion on a fantastic idea of what can work.

Sanni added that parents or guardians should allow their child know that as soon as he starts earning money, then the responsibility is on him not to waste it. “Work with him to put together a good budget and your child will be on his way to becoming a millionaire.”

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