End Time: Church members practice how to survive in hell fire (Video)

End Time: Church members practice how to survive in hell fire (Video)

In these perilous times, there would be heinous practices with controversial doctrines. Members of a church in  Africa were seen practicing how to survive in hell fire.

In a viral video which surfaced on the internet, members of an unnamed church where seen walking through the flame in anticipation of the judgement day.

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Watch the video below.

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The shocking video has seen numerous social media react to the bewildering scene. It is tedious to assimilate the primary purpose of the members walking through the flame.

According to the Christian religion book, the holy bible, Christians are designated to emerge in the kingdom of heaven and not hell fire when the trumpet sounds. Hence, the purpose of the walk through is questionable and tedious to understand.

Read some of the comments of stunned social media users.

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