#EndSARS: FG accused of allegedly detaining over 1,500 persons, journalists involved in protests

#EndSARS: FG accused of allegedly detaining over 1,500 persons, journalists involved in protests

The recriminations from the recent #EndSARS protests which rocked Nigeria in October is yet to be over, as the Federal Government has been accused of clamping down on individuals and groups involved in the protests.

Specifically, over 1,500 persons have allegedly been arrested and detained by the government as a result.

The foregoing was disclosed by the World Socialist Web, a publication of the world Trotskyist movement; the International Committee of the Fourth International, and its affiliated sections in the Socialist Equality Parties around the world.

‘‘Some 1,500 people have been arrested, some in Gestapo-like operations. Detainees include a number of activists and journalists arrested in the capital Abuja who face charges of criminal conspiracy; unlawful assembly, inciting public disturbance and public nuisance. Others have been arrested for managing a WhatsApp platform to coordinate the protests in Osun State; while an artist who had played a prominent role in the protests in Lagos and was planning another protest; was seized at his home and thrown into jail.’’

Further, it alleges that the ongoing clampdown on #EndSARS protesters has seen many flee the country.

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‘‘Other high-profile activists have reportedly gone into hiding or left the country. Those targeted include journalists and the broadcast media. Gatefield, a communications firm based in the capital Abuja, had an account dedicated to funding independent journalism frozen. Adewunmi Emoruwa, lead strategist at Gatefield, accused the government of clamping down on the protest movement and instilling fear; saying “The instruments of state are being weaponised in unprecedented ways; especially the [central bank], which should be highly independent and steer clear of political issues such as this.

In addition, it accuses the Nigerian Police of being used to muzzle public gatherings.

‘‘Police are also clamping down on gatherings, banning a symposium on the “lessons and tasks” of the #EndSARS movement that the family of the late internationally renowned Afrobeat musician and activist Fela Kuti had planned to hold at their music venue, the New Afrika Shrine, in Lagos.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has recently declared that it may sanction Cable News Network (CNN); which it accused of using unverified and possibly doctored contents in its report on the shooting at the Lekki Toll Gate on October 20.




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