STRANGERS AND LOVERS: Sex in the club with Erika – Kingsley Alaribe

STRANGERS AND LOVERS: Sex in the club with Erika – Kingsley Alaribe

Erika was not someone you would notice unless she spoke to you; and if she did, you would notice no one else. But she had been with her boyfriend now for a fortnight and it seemed he had seen her just enough. Five days without intimacy had her hormones raging out of control.

Erika had tried for days to seduce him. None of the techniques in her book seemed to work. Not even when she slept naked next to him. He had once said that she liked sex too much; that she was too wild; and she was too daring and exposed.

Now there was a limit to which she could push him. She didn’t want to hear any more of his rants. And even so, something had to happen.

So, Friday night she suggested they went to the club.

He agreed.

Her plan was simple: get him drunk; get him horny; and get him screwed all ways to Sunday.


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But many hours later, at the club, he turned out determined to ruin her plan. He wasn’t drinking, and wasn’t dancing, and wouldn’t let her get mushy with him by the dark corners. When she pushed him, he scolded her again and called her a wild freak.

That was it for Erika. She got up and headed for the bathroom. It was not quite midnight, and yet it was already time to call it a night. She’d rather go home and touch herself than endure this sensual frustration.

As she sauntered through the crowd, mapping her path to the bathroom, she came face to face with this guy whom she knew by face alone. She’d seen him at the club only a couple of times; and he always greeted her warmly.

Now he was smiling, asking her how she was doing.

Without thinking, Erika blurted, “I’m going to the bathroom. Do you want to come?”

Just one look at her, he heard the true unspoken request in the question. He realized at the same time that her hand was slightly stretched toward him. He took her hand.


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Two minutes later they were in the bathroom. They made certain no one was looking when they snuck in. Erika wasted no time taking his member in her mouth. She pushed him to the wall and arched her hips backwards to stay conveniently at his waist level. She sucked him hungrily and fondled his scrotal sack simultaneously.

Normally she would go on forever, but this one needed to be a blitz.

Now she was dripping. She was ready. Erika turned around, her buttocks to him. She pulled her thongs to a side and guided him into her warm wetness. That first thrust sent a wave through her body that made her knees and ankles weak. His big hands grabbed her by the waist as he began to move hard and fast.

Erika covered her mouth with her hand. She wanted the freedom to moan out loud but she could not avail herself of that. Every thrust was releasing a dozen ripples that had her eyes tightly shut and her mouth wide open in great pleasure.

It was meant to be a short session, but it just went on, and every moment she hoped it wouldn’t end right in the next moment.

But right then he stopped.

To her amazement he turned her around, and carried her, making her straddle him where he stood. Then he grabbed her buttocks firmly and began to move her in hard, fast oscillations.

Erika could no longer contain herself. She began to moan out loud, pressing his head tight to her busts, and blowing warm air in his ears. They kept at it until they both reached climax.

It was so good that she wanted to just fall flat on the ground and allow the moment seep away slowly but she’d been gone for fifteen minutes. She had to return to her boyfriend before he declared her missing.

She quickly adjusted her clothes and her hair. Then she pulled her friend of no name by his penis and gave him a long goodbye kiss.

He would never see her again. That much she knew. She decided it in her mind just then.

And he would never forget her. That much she knew even more.









Kingsley Alaribe

Kingsley Alaribe is a Digital Marketer with 1stNews, and writes the weekly column, Strangers and Lovers. He is also a Data Scientist.

Kingsley Alaribe

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