Ersin Tatar wins Turkish Cypriot leadership vote

Ersin Tatar wins Turkish Cypriot leadership vote



Conservative patriot Ersin Tatar has won the official political race in Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus.


Mr Tatar, who is favorable to Turkey; and needs the partitioned Mediterranean island to be two separate states; gotten almost 52% of the vote in an unexpected triumph.


His rival and officeholder pioneer, Mustafa Akinci; looked for reunification with the Greek aspect of the island.


Cyprus has been partitioned since 1974; when Turkey attacked the north after a military upset supported by Greece.


The island was successfully divided, with the northern third run by a Turkish Cypriot government; and the southern 66% by the globally perceived government drove by Greek Cypriots.


Oneself pronounced Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) – which has a populace of around 300,000; – is perceived as a free state simply by Turkey; while the remainder of the world considers it to be essential for Cyprus.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who supported Mr Tatar during his election campaign; congratulated him on his victory also.


There has been no comment yet from the Cypriot government in Nicosia; although opposition parties there have lamented the result.


Mr Tatar thanked the Turkish president in a victory speech.


“We deserve our sovereignty – we are the voice of Turkish Cypriots,” he said.


“We are fighting to exist within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; therefore our neighbours in the south; and also the world community should respect our fight for freedom… because we deserve it.”


Responding to the result on Twitter; Mr Erdogan said Turkey would “continue to provide all types of efforts; to protect the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people”.


Sunday was the second round of the official political race; after Mr Tatar made sure about 32% of the vote in the first round on 11 October; while officeholder President Akinci won practically 30%.



Following the outcome, Mr Akinci’s re-appointment trusts were helped; after he picked up the sponsorship of Tufan Erhurman; who had come third in the first round of casting a ballot.


All through the mission, Mr Akinci had blamed Turkey for meddling in the political decision.


He conceded rout on Sunday night yet said the challenge “wasn’t typical”.


“These outcomes mark the finish of my 45-year political profession;” Mr Akinci was cited as saying by the Associated Press news office. “I wish best of luck to our kin.”


Mr Tatar’s triumph in northern Cyprus follows expanded pressures between his supporter Turkey; as well as Greece over energy claims in the eastern Mediterranean lately.






Source: BBC

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