Ethiopian military seizes airport in Humera town

Ethiopian military seizes airport in Humera town


The Ethiopian military has held onto the air terminal in the town of Humera amid a nearly week-old conflict in the northern Tigray region.


“The Ethiopian National Defense Force has completely caught Humera Airport in the midst of [a] continuation of [the] government’s military reaction against TPLF rebel gathering;” state-subsidiary Fana TV provided details regarding Tuesday, referring to the organisation that leads the government in the Tigray region.


Humera is located in the far northwest of the country near Ethiopia’s borders with Sudan and Eritrea.


A telephone and internet communications blackout in Tigray has made it difficult to verify the situation on the ground.


The report came as Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office said he is not ignoring international calls for calm over the escalating conflict; that many fear is sliding towards civil war.


The violence in the northern area bordering Eritrea and Sudan threatens to destabilise Africa’s second-most populous country.


Ethnic conflict in the region has simmered since Abiy took over in 2018.


“There is no rebuffing of anyone by the prime minister. He had acknowledged and given gratitude for the concerns shown;” Abiy’s spokeswoman Billene Seyoum said in response to a request for comment on a diplomat’s assertion that Abiy was “not listening to anyone”.


“Nevertheless, Ethiopia is a sovereign nation; and its government will ultimately make decisions in the long-term interest of the country and its people.”


The United Nations wants Abiy – a former soldier who once fought alongside Tigrayans against Eritrea – to start the dialogue.



Hundreds killed

Abiy, the continent’s youngest leader at 44, won a Nobel Peace Prize last year for democratic reforms and for making peace with Eritrea.


But last week, the prime minister, who is from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group the Oromo; launched a campaign against forces loyal to ethnic Tigrayan leaders in the northern region. He accused them of attacking a military base.


Hundreds of people have been killed in the latest conflict; sources on the government’s side said on Monday. But Abiy said fears of chaos were unfounded.


Heads of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray locale said on Monday the central government drove by Abiy had dispatched in excess of 10 air assaults against them lately.


In the interim, the recently selected Ethiopian armed force boss, Berhanu Jula; said government powers had caught four towns in western Tigray where a great part of the battling has purportedly been concentrated.


Ethiopian TV broadcast pictures of what it said were Ethiopian government powers entering the bordertown of Dansha in Tigray. Film indicated inhabitants celebrating and cheering the appearance of government fighters.


The public telecaster likewise indicated pictures of what it claimed were Tigrayan local army who gave up. Ethiopia’s flying corps is “beating focuses with exactness”, a military authority said Monday.


Neighbouring Sudan has reportedly sent more than 6,000 troops to the border.



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Up to 250,000 fighters


Tigrayans account for just 6 percent of Ethiopians but had; before Abiy’s rule, dominated politics for nearly 30 years.


They are battle-hardened from the 1999-2000 war with neighbouring Eritrea and from the struggle to topple Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1991.


They and allies number up to 250,000 fighters and possess significant stocks of military hardware; according to the International Crisis Group think-tank.


Tigrayans say Abiy’s administration has unreasonably focused on them as a component of a crackdown on past rights abuses and corruption.


All-out war would damage Ethiopia’s economy following quite a while of consistent development.


Abiy has pledged sweeping reforms to open lucrative sectors such as telecommunications to foreign investment.





Source: Aljazeera

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