Ethiopia’s rebel alliance ‘set to destroy’ the country, says Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopia’s rebel alliance ‘set to destroy’ the country, says Abiy Ahmed



Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has accused the rebel group of attempting to convert Ethiopia like Libya and Syria.

In a written declaration; he said that “They are set to destroy a country – not to build it.”


He also urges citizens to support the war effort; saying “victory over the threat posed by our enemies is unattainable if we do not work together.”




He urged Ethiopians to step up their efforts to battle opposing Tigray troops; who claim to have captured important cities along a vital route leading to the capital, and a fresh round of ethnic Tigrayan detentions has begun.


A move on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital; marks a new phase in a war that has claimed the lives of thousands of people since fighting erupted a year ago between Ethiopian and allied forces and Tigray forces; which had long dominated the national government before Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018.


The Tigray troops seized possession of the main cities of Dessie and Kombolcha over the weekend, despite the federal government’s denials; while Legesse alleged that Tigray soldiers massacred over 100 youngsters in Kombolcha overnight.

On the other hand, a UN-led inquiry into alleged atrocities in Ethiopia determined that; all parties in the year-long battle in the Tigray area committed severe violations that might be considered crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The study was revealed on Wednesday as the nation enters a new state of emergency; with opposing Tigray troops threatening to push on Addis Ababa.



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