Etinosa: ‘Marriages crash because people skip the talking stage’

Etinosa: ‘Marriages crash because people skip the talking stage’

Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has hinted at why the divorce rate in the country is skyrocketing.


According to the controversial actress, several marriages hit rock bottom primarily couples often skip the talking stage. She stated that most partners never take time to ask questions and know some revelations about who they are in a relationship with.


Etinosa maintained that marriages are harder today because couples now skip the talking stage; she stated that the talking phase affords them the opportunity to know each other better.


Etinosa said this in a post shared on her IG page.


She opined that instead of intending couples to spend more time to discuss and get to know each other better, they spend their time on other things like sex.


Read her post below;


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Moments before Etinosa shared the above post, she reacted to the video shared by the former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode being fed by his wife, Precious Chikwendu.


The video surfaced online days after Fani-Kayode confirmed reports that his marriage with Chikwendu had crashed. On Saturday, October 3, he came out on social media to make more shocking revelations, this time, he revealed that he caught his wife in bed with another man.


Femi Fani-Kayode


Reflecting on Fani-Kayode and Chikwendu’s marriage, Etinosa had this to say;

“Eyaa this is so painful to watch. Bringing back bad memories this early morning.

Read on a blog that the man-made this video to debunk Sahara reporters first claims of domestic violence. 

You can even hear him saying it in the video plus “are you videoing” “have you done it” clearly staged in an attempt at damage control.


She continued;

“The woman is barely responding look at her eyaa.

I went further to read comments and people were saying that why did the woman join him to make the cover-up video smh clearly you don’t know marriage, the power a man has over his wife.

A wife he knows loves him.

You don’t know about threats, manipulations etc. As a wife who signed marriage for the life you begin to ask yourself if you cast your husband; your crown, what will become of you and your marriage.

Some men will even quote the Bible for you and tell you a wise woman builds her home but a foolish Woman pulls it down with her own hands.

He will tell you, nobody is perfect do you think other women cast their husbands? We will settle it in the house.”


Tell you all sorts of manipulating things then your in-laws will come and still talk their own so you will cover-up. You want to be the proverbs 31 women.



Etinosa went on to speak about her marriage that ended in divorce several years ago. Continue reading what she wrote;


The virtuous woman.

You will cover-up.

Do you know how many cover-ups I did in less than 2 years of my own?

I was rushed to emergency Ward, had oxygen fixed, struggling for my life, the bastard came and told me to lie for him because he may lose his job and why will I be responsible for the downfall of my husband so right there on the hospital bed I lied to who could have saved me. I remember the man was so angry with me cos he knew I was lying (let me leave bad memories abeg I’m in a better place forever) in conclusion mehn you young unmarried people especially small small girls should keep quiet and pray you don’t get into such situation; when you see a woman defending her abusive partner and later come out to cry out no be her clear eye.

She finally decided to wake up and choose LIFE over society, over what will people say, over MARRIAGE”



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