Europe Heatwave: Heatwave sets new temperature records

Europe Heatwave: Heatwave sets new temperature records

A heatwave affecting much of Europe (now dubbed the Europe Heatwave) is expected to intensify further. Temperatures above 40C (104F) are expected in France and Spain later today.

Yesterday Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic recorded their highest-ever temperatures for June.

Meteorologists say hot air drawn in from northern Africa is responsible. Meteorologists warn that the heat is expected to rise further in many countries over the next three days.


Europe Heatwave
Europe Heatwave

Heatwave gripping Europe

In Spain, 11 provinces in the east and centre of the country are set to experience temperatures above 40C.

In parts of the north-east, they may reach 45C on Friday. Spanish officials have also warned of a “significant risk” of forest fires in some areas.

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In Italy, health officials have issued the highest level of warning for several cities, including Rome.

The whole of France where a heatwave in 2003 was blamed for 15,000 extra deaths is now on orange alert. This is the second-highest warning level. Many cities have taken measures to deal with the effects of the heat.

In Paris, fountains and sprinklers that are connected to hydrants have been set up. More so, some schools have delayed important exams and even closed to pupils.

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