Exclusive: My worst rape experience I never talked about – Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode (video)

Exclusive: My worst rape experience I never talked about – Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode (video)

Anti-rape activist, criminal justice psychologist and child rights activist, Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode, has revealed her worst rape experience. Incidentally, it was at the hands of a close family friend. She further revealed that she had never talked about it in over three decades of her life.

Dr. Princess spoke exclusively with 1stNews at her office on Friday morning, in Ogba area of Lagos state.

She told correspondent, Olanike Akinrimisi that the incident happened when she was 20 years old in 1985.

“I had just concluded my SSCE examination and we had a daylight lunch party to celebrate. On my way home, I met our long time close family friend (name withheld) at Anthony bridge. He approached me and suddenly, he started beating me. He dragged me from the bridge to the other side.

Watch the video below:

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“He told me that he has been making passes at me but I did not care to notice. He said he had liked me but no response from me. Then he kept beating me until I had a swollen face,” she narrated.

Dr. Princess, as she is fondly called, told our correspondent that she was three months pregnant when the incident happened. She was also a single mum. This wasn’t her first experience of sexual assault. But this, of course, was her saddest rape experience.

“I did not know I was carrying a three-month old child when he saw me. He continued dragging me. No one could save me on the road. He told passers-by who tried to help me that I’m his wife who he married from his village but who was misbehaving. So, they left me with abuses and curses. We even saw a police officer but he did not help. I think he told the officer something too that refrained him from saving me.”

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Continuing, Dr. Princess added that the man dragged her forcefully into a bus enroute Oshodi. From Oshodi, he took her to his mother’s house in Ogba.

“I cannot forget that day. He dragged me to his mother’s house in Ogba. The house is close to Excellence Hotel. He locked me up in his room, tore my clothes and removed my pant and bra. And then…he raped me. I bled for hours. He held me hostage for 24 hours in his room. He continued to rape me, non-stop,” she continued.

Dr. Princess, who burst into tears as she spoke, said the perpetrator’s brother came in and saw her bleeding but he could not help. The man fought his brother and asked him to leave.

She said after 24 hours, he told her to go home and handed her an old dress to wear.

“I returned home and never talked about it with anyone until six months later when the man showed up at my father’s house. But this time, I was heavy and had a big protruding stomach. My younger sister was also at home at this time. I went in search of a cutlass but my sister held me back. The man ran away and never returned. Since then I have not set my eyes on him,” she said.

Dr. Princess told our correspondent that the recent revelation by Busola Dakolo of alleged rape by a man of God brought this huge flashback to her memory and she could not hold it back. But she refused to divulge full details of the man.

Yet to be disclosed ‘Man’

“The man was a student of Yabatech. He lived at Jibowu, Yaba at that time. He was in his twenties at that period…I have spoken with him of recent. What I want from him is to confirm the rape before I can reveal his full identity. I have forgiven him but this is the worst rape experience I have had in my life,” she stressed.

Our correspondent could not extract much details about the perpetrator during the interview.

After the interview, Dr. Princess called on all parents to ensure there is adequate monitoring of their wards. She also affirmed that sex education should be introduced in the family system.

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