All eyes on you, Davido! Peju Akande

All eyes on you, Davido! Peju Akande

I watched All Eyez On Me, the Tupac Shakur story, over the weekend and after it all, I was saddened that a bright light was snuffed out, so cheaply, so easily, too soon.

Tupac died at age 25 and yet had achieved so much.

For a rap artist of his fame, I was surprised he didn’t do drugs, he was a decent young man but he moved in the wrong circles and he had such a temper! When he was imprisoned, his mother said to him ‘…they will give you the tool to destroy yourself,’ she said alluding to the American justice system, the (in) justice.

Not in a similar way, though, am I reminded of Davido. Whereas Tupac was raised in the ghettos, Davido was born with a silver spoon but it looks like the spoon is choking him; causing him to thrash. And with that spoon, he just might destroy himself.

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I got to know and appreciate Davido’s kind of music though my partner, Toni; that was when Davido came out with that banger, Dami Duro. I was thrilled at the boy’s audacity! I love his music and I think he is a hardworking and talented young man because the ability to drop hit single after hit single no bi moinmoin, o. For this, I salute and I think the boy deserves the money he has made.

But his music apart, the boy is a disaster! If he isn’t brawling at some night club abroad, he is smuggling an infant out of Nigeria and when he isn’t embroiled in some baby mama drama, his friends are falling dead like flies around him.

Ki lo de, Davido, na only you!

Fame and fortune can be nasty bedmates when not properly handled; and this is really scary.

Did success come too soon, and maybe too easy for Davido?

Or did he make it so fast because as he sang “my daddy money” was there to oil the wheel for him and so he can’t truly be said to be ‘hardworking’?

Not to cast aspersions on any one’s parenting skills but does this boy really need a mo-manager or dado-manager?Someone who can put their foot down on the brakes before this boy hurts himself.

Now all eyes are drawn to Davido and people are beginning to count his ‘sins’ against him. As Africans, once a child misbehaves, the next thing to to ask is, ‘who is your fada!’ That way the elders can direct their curse at the father or mother who they think ought to have done a betterjob of bringing up a child fit for society.

In the movie on Tupac, it is clear he moved with the wrong crowd; the wrong friends, and he got into trouble too many times to keep count. Davido is on the same path; with friends dropping dead from drug and drink overdose, perhaps dad needs to step in or get a life coach or anybody to help his boy.

Yeah, dad, you got him a good lawyer, get him a good coach too. Or be the coach, dad; call your boy to order, pull him by the ears if you have to or soon, there will be no boy for you to boast about.

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