Facebook confirms it won’t restock the Oculus Rift S VR headset in stores

Facebook confirms it won’t restock the Oculus Rift S VR headset in stores

The Oculus Rift S by Facebook is running out of stock in main retail stores and the company won’t be replenishing the virtual reality headset any longer. This was confirmed by the Menlo Park-based tech giant to UploadVR.

Today’s news doesn’t really come as a huge surprise after Facebook unveiled the Oculus Quest 2 last year. The $299 VR headset marked a shift in the company’s focus from a PC-only gear like the Rift S to something that can work both as a standalone VR headset and a PC-tethered headgear. Naturally, the launch of the Quest 2 signified the end of the Rift S as well as the first-generation Quest.

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As per UploadVR, the Rift S is no longer available to purchase via its official online storefront in the U.S. or through Amazon. It also seems that the headset has sold out in some physical stores of Best Buy; and can no longer be purchased.

Support for the Rift S will stay in place, of course, as promised by Facebook last year. A representative from the social media giant also confirmed that the headset continues to be up for grabs through a few channels globally.

While the future of Facebook’s VR efforts now rests upon the Quest 2; the headset still has its share of challenges in the market. For instance, it was recently the subject of an antitrust investigation in Germany; after Facebook made it mandatory for customers to have a Facebook account before they can use the VR headset.

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