Facebook Messenger is getting a built-in bill splitting feature

Facebook Messenger is getting a built-in bill splitting feature



Facebook parent company Meta is introducing a built-in bill splitting feature in Facebook Messenger that; it will test with users in the US beginning next week.


The feature could be useful for situations like divvying up a restaurant bill with your friends or splitting a bill with roommates.


With the feature, you can also ask for money from people right in a group chat; as well as see who has paid their portion of the request.


You can see how it all works in a series of screenshots below from Meta.


The feature arrives shortly after David Marcus, Meta’s cryptocurrency chief and also former Messenger lead, announced he would be leaving the company.


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Meta has also added new Group Effects; which let people on Messenger and Instagram video calls use the same augmented reality effects together; it has made with popular creators.


Three are available now; including one that makes it look like your connection is buffering created with Zach King, and one from Emma Chamberlain arrives on December 6th.


Meta recently introduced new “soundmoji” as well.


Two are inspired by Stranger Things(ahead of the new season coming out next summer) and one that; plays a clip from Taylor Swift’s “Red.”

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