Facebook to pay French publishers for news content

Facebook to pay French publishers for news content

Facebook announced today that it has reached an agreement with French publications; to pay them for news shown on its feed.


The tech giant will be obtaining license to publish content.


Facebook said it had reached an agreement with APIG alliance which comprises of national and regional newspapers in France.


Google had made a similar announcement on payment content deal in January regarding APIG.


News publications have been complaining for years over the revenue generated by Google and Facebook as it shows ads along with news on its feed without paying the content creators.

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In February, the Australian government had passed a legislation which required tech companies to pay local outlets.


Although Facebook had rejected the Australian proposal to pay for news content initially and had blocked news from its site for Australian users but it reached an agreement with the government later as it restored the pages.


Google had announced last year that it had reached copyright agreements with French publications.


The European Union had earlier directed tech companies to discuss online payment with news publications.


In other news, a  traffic chief of Iranian police’s NAJA special forces units has hit headlines for reportedly saying that Iranian women who ride motorcycles will be ‘definitively’ dealt with.


Kamal Hadianfar, the traffic chief told this to Iranian media on Tuesday (October 19).


The assertions didn’t stop there, Hadianfar said further that only men’s names could appear on motorcycle licenses; and that no woman could legally drive one.


“This issue needs to be amended in law,” he was quoted as saying by the Iranian media.


Equally important, women riding motorbikes in Iran are often harassed; or even arrested by police.

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