Facebook will use its HQ as a vaccination centre

Facebook will use its HQ as a vaccination centre

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), has announced that Facebook will convert part of its Menlo Park headquarters into a vaccination site for “hard-hit communities”. The conversion of part of its HQ will be done in participation with Ravenswood Family Health Network. Sandberg said the firm will also partner with the State of California and local non-profits to support mobile vaccination clinics in four of the state’s hardest-hit regions.

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In her post, Sandberg wrote:

“As more COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the country, we are finally seeing glimmers of hope; which can grow so long as we continue to make progress. At Facebook, we’re focused on doing our part to help people get vaccinated; especially those in underserved communities.

Here in Menlo Park, we’re partnering with Ravenswood Family Health Network to convert part of our headquarters into a vaccination site for hard-hit communities.”

Sandberg shared a photo of a COVID-19 board giving directions to the vaccination hub at Menlo Park; but she didn’t state whether vaccinations at the HQ have begun to be administered; or whether they will start in the coming weeks or months.

Facebook has been playing an active role in trying to get people to go out and be vaccinated. Earlier this month it began encouraging users to get vaccinated through profile picture frames; and last month it released a tool that let people know where they could get a coronavirus vaccine.

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