Father’s Day 2021: How they express love

Father’s Day 2021: How they express love



My Father. Baba. Pale. Papa. Popsie. Dad. Whatever the cultural or ethnic name for father, daughters and sons wish to brag about them in honour of Father’s Day.


We aren’t just talking about biological fathers.


Uncles, foster dads and step-fathers were equally praised; to the point where one person commented that there was no need for the word ‘step-dad’ in her house.


As with Mother’s Day, there was no shortage of superlatives:  awesome, wonderful, great man, honourable, truly the best; hero and even Superman.


While cooking and baking skills were commonly remarked upon for mothers; there wasn’t the same kind of enthusiastic cheers for dads in the kitchen. While a couple remarked that their father taught them how to cook; this isn’t where fathers typically shine.




Father's Day 2021: How they express love


Where fathers shine

You are probably not surprised that there are a lot of papas out there who can fix anything and everything.


They can make toys (even a merry-go-round), sing and play musical instruments, build ice rinks and cabins, and also know much about wood, carpentry, and yes, car mechanics.


Many taught the value of working hard, being honest, respectful and responsible.


On the lighter side, they have also taught the value of having a sense of humour (there are a lot of funny dads out there!)


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A father’s love runs deep

The love for fathers and fathers’ love for their kids clearly runs deep and was also often expressed beyond, or maybe instead, of words.


My friend’s father died recently and she was blown away by the stories her Dad’s friends and co-workers shared about him at the celebration of life.


She knew he was respected but didn’t know just how much he had quietly helped many people.




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