Favour: the story of the LASU undergrad that was gruesomely murdered – Peju Akande

Favour: the story of the LASU undergrad that was gruesomely murdered – Peju Akande



Favour means approval, goodwill, support…It has other positive attributes. That’s the name of the final year student of the Lagos State University (LASU); who was gruesomely murdered by her boyfriend, Owolabi Adeeko and his mum; Bola Adeeko with the aid of a demon pastor.



Now, no one needs to have a 22-year-old daughter like Favour to feel her family’s pain. When the news about the murder hit, even the government took notice.



We read of people being kidnapped for money ritual purposes. It isn’t new to us anymore. Some of it we gloss over but once in a while; this type stops us in our tracks to remind us of our humanity.



Her name was Favour. She was just 22; on the cusp of four-year higher education programme. She must have had dreams of what she wanted to do after school. Start a business or maybe get a job…How about a Master’s degree after NYSC?



Favour: the story of the LASU undergrad that was gruesomely murdered - Peju Akande



I’m certain, she never dreamt of dying young.



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They said she was a child long sought for by her parents. How many years did they wait before she was born? I don’t know but whether they waited five years or one month; her birth certainly was an event that marked a turning point in her parent’s lives.


Consequently, they named her Favour…Favour of God most likely.



She was reported to have gone home to her parents to see them briefly. Perhaps to get more food stuff, more pocket money. More clothes for events she had planned, something kids her age are fond of doing. Could even be that she went home to check on her ailing mother. Who knows?



What we know, is that after she left home, her boyfriend; Owolabi Adeeko called her and lured her to a gruesome death for money ritual.



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Here’s the painful part for me.



Segun Philip, the charlatan parading himself as a pastor; who demanded a human sacrifice in order to make charms to enrich Owolabi and his mother; is reported to have said he removed Favour’s body parts because he wanted to test a theory. A theory that he read from ‘The Seven Books of Moses.’



He is also quoted to have claimed Favour would be his first kill.



So essentially, Favour was murdered as a test to know the efficacy of some theory postulated in a book(s).



I know Favour’s parents would be agonising over a few thoughts that would invade their minds uninvited. They would go over the details leading to their daughter’s final moments. The boyfriend claimed he smashed her skull with a pestle while she slept.



They would ask themselves over and over. Did Favour wake up after the first blow hit? Did she scream for help? In fact, did she beg for her life when the murderers struck her skull again with the pestle to ensure she was truly dead or did she play dead in the hope that they would leave her alone?



Maybe she fought for her life.


Realizing she was dying, like any human being; she may have fought to live but later became too weak to defend herself from further blows.



They would further ask themselves. Did she die immediately or writhed in pain; her arms and legs flaying in spasms until life left her body, leaving a dead calm?




Favour: the story of the LASU undergrad that was gruesomely murdered - Peju Akande



They would often scream awake from sleep, if they get even a whiff of sleep for now. If not, their tortured minds would take them over the process of the ritual. Was she fully dead before her organs were harvested? Were they sleeping/ eating/ laughing over some crass jokes… while their daughter was being murdered?



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And I assure you, these thoughts will invade them and they will process it!



This is the craziness that drives families of victims over the edge while perpetrators continue to live normal.



So here’s invoking the spirits of the hundreds of Favours who have paid the price with their lives. Innocent souls whose lives were abruptly taken because some people wanted to use their organs for money or political posts…



Do not sleep, go and haunt your murderers. Give them no sleep, give them no rest. Haunt their dreams and waking moments. Turn their joy to sadness and their success to shame. When they think things are going well in their favour, turn it against them.



And to you, dear Favour, don’t sleep until justice is done!

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