Fayose cautions Makinde against disrespect as South-West PDP tussle rages

Fayose cautions Makinde against disrespect as South-West PDP tussle rages

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, on Wednesday, February 24, issued a warning to the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, to stop disrespecting him.

Fayose made this statement during a media interview stating, “if Governor Makinde continues to disrespect me, I will work against him.”

Recently, the leadership of the South-West arm of the Peoples Democratic Party has been embroiled in a crisis; with Fayose and Makinde at the centre of the ruckus.

Makinde, a first-term governor, is the only governor of the Peoples Democratic Party in the South-West zone while the other five states in the region are ruled by the governors of the All Progressives Congress.

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In his remarks on Wednesday, Fayose also disclosed he was instrumental in 2019; to ensure Makinde emerged the winner of the governorship election in Oyo.

Makinde is constitutionally permitted to run for a second term in 2023; but Fayose warned him to retrace his step if he wants to win the election.

The ex-governor of Ekiti, therefore, urged Makinde to speak out if he has anything against him.

When asked what the bone of contention between himself and the Oyo State governor was, Fayose said, “He (Makinde) is the one to tell you if there is any bone of contention. In this West, I am his brother, I am his father.”

Fayose also stated, “When Makinde was to contest, I was the one that presented the flag to him and a red pen. It is a higher authority that hangs your rank; a senior officer hangs the rank of a junior officer; which means he saw me as a leader at the time I was giving him the flag at Ogbomosho.

“It was Governor (Rasheed) Ladoja that was holding the structure that we gave to him (Makinde), I was the only sitting governor at the time. I had the power to influence it negatively. Are you telling me the man that gave you red pen has suddenly become your enemy? If he has anything against me, let him say it. Governor Makinde should take it easy.

“If he disrespects us, we will tell him that we have the capacity to… I am not his mate.

“If he wants peace, he should stop that nonsense, I say it again nonsense. I mean every word I am saying. I’m a responsible Nigerian. If we were born in the same family, I will be older than Governor Makinde by 10 years even if I was not a governor. I should be respected. I am a respectable figure in this country, forget any other story any other politician may say.”

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