Federer signs up with Switzerland Tourism

Federer signs up with Switzerland Tourism

After years of positively representing Switzerland through his sporting excellence and friendly, down-to-earth manner, Roger Federer has now become an official brand ambassador for the destination.


The tennis legend is entering into a long-term cooperation with the Swiss national tourism board, Switzerland Tourism. The common goal: attracting guests to visit Switzerland with its energising nature. The support is much needed at this time; emerging from the biggest tourism crisis since the WWII.


“This is a perfect match, because Switzerland and its unblemished nature have clearly contributed to Roger’s unprecedented career,” explains Switzerland Tourism chief executive, Martin Nydegger.

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“I have always felt, whenever I step on the court, I am representing Switzerland.

“Whenever it says my name; there is a Swiss flag next to it.

“I have been very proud to do that for the first 22 years I have been on tour; and it will always be like that.

“To join forces with ST now is a logical step for me,” said Federer.

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